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About Core Elevation

tweet-thisWe primarily help high-achieving leaders in business that want to create freedom in their business.  It is part financial freedom and also the freedom to do what they want with their life. Want to know why?

Our work has been used by a broad range of business owners. It was a lot of fun and our clients had great results using our 4-step process.  However, when we began to focus on Leaders that want FREEDOM, we began to see dramatic results to drive their businesses. Here’s a short list of the results our clients have created in a very short period of time:

  • Discovered how to lead with more clarity
  • Increased confidence in leading their teams
  • Improved cash flow
  • Clear path to profits (more sales and more take home money)
  • Learned to focus their business on the RIGHT things


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Also if you are interested in a FREE strategy session, you can schedule one here.

About Gene Hammett     
Gene Hammett

Gene Hammett is fiercely committed to working with high-achieving leaders in small businesses who want to lead with confidence and achieve true financial freedom (in months, not years). As the Managing Director of Core Elevation, Inc., Gene helps leaders transform from stagnate, stressed and struggling to thriving, growing, and loving their work.

Gene is more than just a business coach; he is a business strategist. To create new results, you must find new strategies to take you where you want to go. Gene has the ability to improve your communication skills, increase your influence and build your courage to take the actions necessary to grow your company. Gene has been coaching since 2010, but also spent a decade starting and running multi-million dollar businesses and another decade being a fancy-pants consultant (he is still recovering from those days).

Working with Gene, leaders will be inspired to create bigger visions, develop new strategies and act with more confidence. If you are interested in knowing more about Leadership, check out our coming podcast called “Leaders in the Trenches.”


Also if you are interested in a FREE strategy session, you can schedule one here.Business Coach Strategy Session


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