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Returns the key (MAC address) for a given IP address. SYNOPSIS #include int s_pcap_get_ip_key(const struct bpf_program *fp, const struct bpf_insn *ip, const char *str, struct pcap_ip_key *ipkey); DESCRIPTION The s_pcap_get_ip_key() function returns the key (or MAC address) for the specified IP address. The IP address must be a member of a packet capture. The address [...]

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KEYMACRO allows users to create macros from typed commands, allowing for dynamic, frequently used actions to be executed in an easy and convenient way. With KEMACRO you can perform multiple tasks in a simple and intuitive manner, without having to type the same commands multiple times. The following functions can be performed: - Create macro [...]

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Keymacro is a keystroke logger for Windows, developed to assist people learn how to use Windows. The event capture function records all keystrokes on the keyboard as it is being typed, the letter is recorded by both upper and lower case. This function allows the user to input any keystroke and get its meaning easily. [...]

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It is a macro file that is downloaded automatically. It is not checked whether the file is registered, but it is based on the file name. It will not download the file if it cannot be detected the correct file. Advanced Access To HTML Table Converter Version 9.8.1 09/24/2010 Advanced Access To HTML Table Converter [...]

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Intro: Command Interpreter is an educational assembly-like scripting language and interpreter that emulates a customizable machine. The main feature of Command Interpreter is its configurable interpreter which acts more like an emulator. With the help of the interpreter the user can specify how many clock cycles it takes for every instruction to be executed. The [...]

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When moving a part, you can choose to use Cut/Lift or Straight-Cut movement. Cut/Lift movement is controlled by the Endpoint Tool [START] and Endpoint Tool [END]. Straight-Cut movement is controlled by the Miter Slicer Tool [START] and Miter Slicer Tool [END]. The Endpoint Tool [START] and Endpoint Tool [END] can be toggled with  [START] and [END] [...]

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Animation Master is a feature-rich software application that enables you to design 3D animations. Dedicated to first-time and experienced users alike, it puts at your disposal user-friendly tools for inserting objects and special effects into your projects. Plus, it contains a collection of models and non-linear animations, in addition to lighting tools, an UV editor, [...]

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