A macro that adjusts line, fill, and stroke edge thickness. Can be used to simulate several roughening effects.

With the default settings the command will run on all objects in the active layer. If the layer contains multiple objects, all objects in the layer will be affected by this command.

Required item:
Edges of line, fill, and stroke edges.


Adobe Illustrator CC 2018, Macintosh – Mac OS

Applying the command:

1. Click the Edit \> Edit Edge Settings button.

2. Choose the Edge option from the list of options.

3. Make sure the Edge option is checked.

4. Select the amount of roughen using the drop-down menu.

5. Select the Follow path or smooth and apply to all objects in the layer option.

6. Run the command.

7. Click the Add Edge settings button.

You can select the command again to remove all edge adjustments from the active layer.

Use, comment, or discuss this command in the Adobe Forums.

Unsharp Mask

The Unsharp Mask command is an adjustment to the appearance of your image or layer. It is intended to sharpen and enhance image quality.

The Unsharp Mask effect works in two stages. In the first stage, the command increases the perceived sharpness of an image. In the second stage, it increases the overall contrast of the image by emphasizing the edges of objects.

Unsharp Mask can be used as a one-click filter effect to sharpen your photographs or create a high-contrast effect on your line art.

KEYMACRO Description:
This macro adjusts the sharpness and contrast of an image. It’s perfect for sharpening photos.

Use, comment, or discuss this command in the Adobe Forums.

Use the Edit \> Edit Unsharp Mask button to activate the command.


Sketch will automatically do a number of sketch adjustments to your artwork. These include removing the silhouette from the artwork, changing your line weight, and making your lines less opaque. It can be used to create a more defined, 3-D look to your artwork.

Recommended item:
Sketch will automatically remove the 4f8c9c8613

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This software utility provides a high level of access to multiple SQL Server databases simultaneously, allowing users to execute multiple SQL batches simultaneously. SQL Server database management is one of the most common applications that require the use of multiple structured query languages at the same time. The task of data processing is greatly simplified when multiple SQL server databases are managed at once. Executing several SQL files at once on multiple instances of a SQL Server database may be a little tedious. The more efficient way to manage it is to use SQLBatch Runner. The development of this tool is designed to allow users to run several SQL files on multiple instances of SQL Server databases.
– The application is designed to ease the process of executing multiple SQL files on multiple instances of SQL Server databases.
– Batch running of multiple executions is supported.
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– A results panel will display the path for the yielded files and their timestamp characteristics and other relevant messages.
– The latest version of the app offers support for UTF-8 format files which lack BOM markup as well as improved interaction.
– Compatible with SQL Server 2000 up to 2016
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– Save and load multiple sessions for each target database.
– Included services for tracing the SQL statements and restoring the SQLBatchRunner to a previous session.
– Local installation.
– Runs on any Windows version since XP.
Supported Windows OS:
Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
System Requirements:
– Multiple SQL Server databases.
– SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2016 and SQL Server Management Studio.
– 32-bit/64-bit operating system.
– Free of charge.
For any questions or comments, please contact:
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Full featured, easy to use and simple to implement, DBConnect can be used to connect to SQL Server databases via ODBC. The app includes a Client ODBC Driver Manager with advanced SQL drivers.
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