Record your keyboard activity and perform actions in your favorite programs when a hotkey is pressed. Enable any key combination you want, and choose how you want the recording to be made.
Use this tool to automate repetitive tasks, or as a monitoring tool to find errors in your programs.
There are many ways to record keystrokes:
– You can press the keys of the keyboard.
– You can log keystrokes with certain hotkeys, just like in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
– You can capture the keys as they are typed, when a menu item is selected, or when a task is completed.
KEYMACRO lets you define an unlimited number of hotkeys and assign them to a macro.
The macros can be made from a combination of actions that can be performed with any hotkey.
The actions can be of any kind, such as change window size, open a file, launch a program, move the cursor, open a folder, etc.
A key combination can be created from a set of hotkeys, or from a set of actions that have been previously defined.
You can start a new session with the click of a button and perform the same actions from the beginning.
The actions can be combined to create macros to quickly perform an operation.
You can store the results of the macros as text files or create log files.
KEYMACRO will use the following system resources:
* Screen resolution: the resolution of the display screen (e.g. 720p, 1080i, 1366×768, etc)
* CPU usage: the percentage of the CPU that is used
* Available memory: the amount of available memory
* Battery: the percentage of charge that the battery has
* USB port: the number of USB ports
* RAM: the total amount of RAM
* Free disk space: the total amount of free disk space
* Hard disk: the total amount of disk space
* Disk size: the total amount of disk space in megabytes
* Time left: the total amount of time left for the recording to finish
* File size: the total amount of bytes for the recording file
– Enable the macro recorder.
– Click “Define a New Hotkey” to choose what type of hotkey you want.
– Select the hotkey to use as the starting point of your macro.
– Choose what you want the macro to do when the hotkey is pressed.
– Enter a 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO – special free easy-to-use Macroprogram.
KEYMACRO can scan and copy keys from almost all notepad-editors (notepad, notepad2, notepad++, Notepad2, code page 1006). A big advantage of the program is that it does not take much disk space and it is simple to use.
KeyMacro provides you with a set of templates where you can insert your information, which means you don’t have to type everything by hand. After clicking the finished template you can copy it in an almost any editor.
KeyMacro is now for FREE!!!

Global time zones clock

Time Zone Clock is a free utility which lets you know the exact time in any time zone around the world.
It displays an image of the world at night and in the daytime with the times of day in the local time zone around the world.
It can be used as a tool for clock watching, as a calculator, as an alarm clock, as a world time zone clock and more.
There is no limit to the number of time zones displayed.


XMLwebshell is a free XMLwebshell based on the Apache webserver.
It can be used to help you create XMLwebshells in an easy way. It’s easy to use and to configure.


AltPasteTool is a free tool which lets you paste alternative text (alt text) for images.
You can paste an alt text for an image, which can help search engines to understand your image.

Interactive Directory Security Tool

The interactive Directory Security Tool allows you to enumerate and manipulate directories and files on a hard disk.
It features a new directory query interface as well as the most advanced filtering and sorting capabilities.


iFun is a cool note-taking and history viewer for Windows.
It allows you to browse your notes and to search for notes saved in this program.
iFun can import notes, attachments, and calendars from other programs.
iFun has been tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

FTP Image Viewer

FTP Image Viewer is a free FTP client for Windows. It’s easy to use and it’s useful for your daily work.
It provides you the basic features of a free FTP client, and it’s useful when you have to download