Command Interpreter is an educational assembly-like scripting language and interpreter that emulates a customizable machine.
The main feature of Command Interpreter is its configurable interpreter which acts more like an emulator. With the help of the interpreter the user can specify how many clock cycles it takes for every instruction to be executed. The user can also specify how many registers and how much memory is available and how large the stack is. This level of customization is ideal for algorithmic challenges.
Command Interpreter has been created to fill a lack in the programming world.
When it comes to algorithms the available solutions are all Java and C++. Java is a good language and C++ is a nice language, but they lack the ability to develop good algorithms in a certain time period.
Command Interpreter emulates a computer and provides a flexible environment for developing algorithms. This way you can create algorithms that do more then you can with Java or C++.

How it works:

At the beginning of execution the user has to write a command file which consists of commands and is interpreted by Command Interpreter.
In the command file the programmer specifies the number of clock cycles it takes for each instruction to be executed. This way he/she can easily control how fast his/her program executes.


Command Interpreter supports a subset of the C language syntax.


The following short tutorial can be downloaded from The commands can be downloaded from that location.

C Interpreter

int main(){
for(int i=0;i 70238732e0

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KeyMACRO is an innovative tool that makes it easy to change letters on your keyboard using the mouse. You can modify the keyboard layout by creating new combinations and use them whenever you want. KeyMACRO can be used on any language, though there are some very specific combos that only work with special keyboard layouts.
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Total Commander Description:
Total Commander is a free, open source file manager that is quite handy when it comes to Windows users. This program is multi-platform and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and others.
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