Keymacro is a MacOSX software program for users who use keyboard macros. It is specially designed for text replacement of single, double, triple or quadruple words, as well as the selection of emails, etc. This software can replace multiple words with only one and save you time, instead of typing the same word over and over again.
Keymacro lets you set up as many macros as you need. Each of them can be used when you want. You can also remove them if you do not need them any more. To replace words, just drag them from the list to the area where you want them to be typed. You can also use the search function to search for the string you want to replace. After you found the word, press the Replace button, and Keymacro will replace the selected word with the replacement text you have entered.
Keymacro also has a number of extra features. You can delete any macro, edit its text, size and location. All of this can be done from the Edit macro screen or from the Edit Settings screen. You can also copy, paste and drag macros to different locations on your computer. The result will be a new macro file which you can edit and delete if you do not like it.
A lot of new features:
Keymacro comes with a lot of new features. They are listed as follows:
– New Quick Search feature. Now you do not have to use the slow and frustrating search function. Simply type a word and the software will replace all occurrences of it on the current line. This feature works with the Search menu or the Find menu.
– Add and edit macros at any time. You can now add new macros and edit existing ones from any menu. This feature also makes it possible to delete macros or to edit their text.
– Import and export macros. Now you can import and export macros from the MyMacros folder on your computer. You can also back up and restore the files.
– You can choose the shortcut for macros. Now you can choose to launch macros with the command line or to use a hotkey.
– You can launch macros with double-click. Now you can double-click to launch any macro. This is useful when you want to launch some macros when you are in a hurry or when you want to launch them in a specific location or with specific options.
– Added special symbols to macros. Now you can use special symbols as an expression in macros.
– The macros are 70238732e0

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Installed on a class workstation/laptop, MS Power School has all the tools necessary to manage your PC. Download ‘MHX Classroom Helper’ to add the following features:
· Automatic shutdown when the class ends.
· Run helper applications when the system is idle.
· All the tools you need to start a new course.
· Send e-mail when you are not in class.
· Background playback of any audio files.
· Stop and start launch applications.
· Connect and disconnect from the internet.
· Integrate class mates with computers.
· Set the status of each student to all or none.
· (Optional) Log student records.
These features allow you to manage your PC in the classroom.
Main features are below:
· Auto Shutdown
· Run apps when idle
· Classmate Management
· Classmate Networking
· Classmate Computer Control
· Classmate Status Control
· Classmate E-mail Notifications
· Multiple Classmate Access Permissions
· Control Classmate access with simple rules
· E-mail Notification on Classmate status changes
· Set Classmate Permissions
· Timer jobs to watch students
· Classmate E-mail Logging
· Control Other Programs During Class
– Runs the buddy icons and desktop icons during class.
– Displays the power cue in class.
– Automatic shutdown after class.
– E-mail notification when student is absent from class
– Loads launcher & application list
– Auto shut down when not in use.
– Auto shut down when the class ends
– Run on idle
– Set the default class to a specific computer or user.
– Number of logged in sessions can be limited per user.
– Reminds students to restart after installing updates.
– Download updates in the background
– Accept all or none connection from students.
– Assembles the launcher & classmate list.
– Keeps and sends logs of all activities in real time.
– E-mail the attendance report when the class is over.
– Update with &
– Logs of all activities in real time.
– Accepts class mate connections without any changes.