AWEtoMail 7.07 MultilingualEase to create templates and infographics in Microsoft Word and power to create newsletters and newsletters with email sequence
Multi-lingualOECD 5.1 PlusOECD allows for multi-institution external comparisonsLeof 13.9.5PlusLeof add a CEP module for GPW-8 export and Leof for GPW-8 export
U-DoMail for Outlook 7.2 Enhanced display of email text in a cde4edac5b

The layout contains few unused keys and is quite small in comparison to most of the other languages variants that contain apostrophe layouts.
Moreover, keyboard modifiers should be learned only once and after that they’re not expected to work as they should. You do not have to memorize new tricks and you don’t even need to modify the BIOS for your keyboard to work properly. That, and who would want to do that?
So, the Apostrophe layout suits our latvian needs