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The application will provide massage therapists and chiropractors with a good solution for scheduling and keeping track of their massage services.
Massage and Chiropractic Service (ActiveSync) version: 3.10.33 (
The default system DLL that will be called: Massage and Chiropractic Service.Dll.
The language that will be used in the installer: English.
The version of the.NET framework to be used by the application: 1.1
The number of files in the installer package: 1.
The size of the application installation: 120 MB
The files that will be installed in the system: This application.exe, Massage and Chiropractic Service.Dll, This application.manifest and This application.ini.
This Massage and Chiropractic Service (ActiveSync) version should work for all computers with Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows NT operating system.
Installation source and location: Downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Fix: Check if the program’s files match the ones you need to install the program.

e-mail Update (09/09/2019)
Massage and Chiropractic Service (ActiveSync) version: (
This Update must be used to fix an issue when restoring the My Contacts database
* Upgrade Massage and Chiropractic Service for Windows users (ActiveSync)
We are sorry to inform you that due to a security problem, Massage and Chiropractic Service for Windows cannot be updated via the active sync method, but only through the internet.
You can find our update on the Microsoft Store.
Massage and Chiropractic Service (ActiveSync) version should work for all computers with Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows NT operating system.
Massage and Chiropractic Service (ActiveSync) version: (
– Remove
– Remove
– Remove
– Fix an issue that prevent restoring the My Contacts database
For more information or support, please visit our website:

Massage And Chiropractic Service [Win/Mac]

KEYMACRO is a software with many functions.
1) Scheduling with time windows
(a) Enable or disable service
(b) Specify the service time
(c) Monitor time with sliders
(d) Show the schedule by day
2) Upload customer details
(a) User can provide customer information
(b) Manage the customer
(c) Delete the customer
3) Reporting, statistics, and billing
(a) Access customer and invoice information
(b) Access the daily, weekly, and monthly report
(c) Print, download the report
(d) Export report as HTML and PDF
4) Backup and restore
(a) The backup can be done to the hard disk, SD card or USB
(b) The backup can be in the file or database
(c) The restore can be to the same or another device
5) List of devices
(a) There are many devices in the system
6) Customer and invoice management
(a) There are many customer and invoice information in the system
(b) The customer can have the coupon details
7) Billing and paid control
(a) The paid customer will be in the system
(b) The paid invoice will be in the system
(c) The paid invoice can be printed
(d) The paid invoice can be converted to XLS or XLSX

eZHR eZHR (formerly eZHR PRO) is an enterprise software solution for HR Management that includes: Employment, Payroll, Attendance, Employee Self-Service (ESS), Time Sheets, and Reports.
eZHR is a Microsoft Dynamics GP add-in that integrates with Dynamics GP to provide HR services to business users.
eZHR is a comprehensive HR Management Solution that will provide you with a full range of HR services in one central location. It can be used to create, edit, and manage the HR services of your organization.
Key features
Employment – Create and manage employees, hire, manage their leave, and pay them
Payroll – Bill and distribute paychecks, do W2s, and pay payroll taxes
Attendance – Manage attendance and leave
Employee Self-Service (ESS) – Manage time sheets, time reports, and manage job postings
Time Sheets – Manage time and attendance sheets for employees
Reports – Generate reports for Employee Self-Service, Time Sheets

Massage And Chiropractic Service Crack With Key

The function of Microsoft Office is to help users process, store, analyze, document, and present information in an electronic format.
What users will notice as they start using the application is the possibility to easily import schedule data from Word, Excel, and Outlook. The application will be of great value to those massage therapists and chiropractors who have a lot of contacts and appointments to manage, or who run many businesses and services.
Other features that will help users do their jobs include:
• Multiuser accounts
• Multiple calendars
• Security levels for different users
• Scheduling of events
• Integration with Outlook and other programs
• Backups of events and contact details
• Many other features

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What’s New In?

Easy to use scheduling software for massage therapists and chiropractors, with easy-to-use interface and modern event scheduler
Massage and Chiropractic Service is a useful software solution that will manage the work agenda of massage therapists and chiropractors, with the help of numerous features for organizing and scheduling massage sessions. It was created to help users who require a good management of their massage / chiropractic services and it will offer an easy-to-use interface with an event scheduler and an employee / customer credentials manager.
Dependable interface that implements a good set of schedule management tools
Massage and Chiropractic Service offers users a straightforward interface that will allow them to easily define their massage session events, add employee / customer credentials and keep track of their events with the included calendar.
Its interface will be easy to use, thanks to the ribbon menu at the top with all the main features and adjacent side panels with information about employees and the calendar. Customers can be registered in the application and users can create new events, with many details about names, location, priority, time, etc.
Organize massage sessions and chiropractor services with this feature-packed scheduler utility
Being light on resources and with a forthright installation, Massage and Chiropractic Service will be a good solution for users who need to easily backup their agenda. They will be able to choose different viewing options for the timescale of their events and the application will provide some presets for the time period display.
Users who also need external applications for managing their schedule will be happy to know that all the entered data can be exported to other formats such as: XLS, XLSX, TXT, HTML or XML. Furthermore, the application features a backup and recovery module that will allow them to easily save and recover their events or contacts details.
Efficient software solution for managing the agenda of massage therapists and chiropractors alike
Users who require an effective solution for maintaining order in their massage services could consider Massage and Chiropractic Service a good choice. It will offer them numerous scheduling tools, management for employee / customer credentials and even a backup and restore module. Featuring an easy-to-use interface with an adequate documentation, it will be accessible to both professionals and inexperienced users.

SCHEDULE MANAGER for massage therapy.
Recordings and schedules for therapy sessions in one place, with good interface, database and printer support. Supports synchronous and asynchronous modes of interaction with a single client or list of clients.
Works as a client and server, so can host and manage its own lists and information from the client’s list.
Provides a session calendar and record of previous client visits with the ability to select to show the time and duration of the visit, the name of the client, the name of the therapist, notes to the client.
Records the name of the therapist, the session

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
CPU: 2.8 GHz Dual Core or Quad Core processor
Disk Space: 3 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
HDD: 3.5 GB
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
VGA Output: Yes
Audio Card: DirectX compatible sound card with at least a 5.1 channel output (Intel HD Integrated Sound)
Video Card: DirectX compatible video card
Supported Languages: English, German, and