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PptPlex Crack + [Latest] 2022

Get a tour of your PowerPoint presentation.
Based on pptPlex, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Professional Plus.
Intuitive interface, the only tool you need to make a great PowerPoint presentation.
Quick and easy navigation: Use the handy pan and zoom features and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of presentations.
Configure your presentation as you like.
Use one of the available presentation styles and pick your slide background from one of the pre-defined presets.
View slides by type, so that you can focus on only the slides you need.
Apply custom presentation text.
Create slides dynamically from other Office applications.
…and much more.
Get the app now.
What’s New
Version 4.3:
* Added support for Office 2016.
* Improvements in Excel and PowerPoint.
More Info

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pptPlex is a plugin for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 that offers several alternatives when it comes to putting together a slides presentation.
After a brief installation procedure, pptPlex creates a ribbon bar in PowerPoint, right next to “View”. So, you can get an overview on all the slides contained by a presentation, as well as navigate them with the pan tool, starting from the first or current slide.
You can better organize your slides by dividing them into sections that you can apply labels to, as well as easily move these areas to any position in the deck.
In addition, pptPlex allows you to select one of the 13 available templates for the canvas background. Therefore, your PowerPoint presentation will look like a tour via a canvas that you can zoom into, rather than the common linear sequence of slides.
Furthermore, you may add live content from an Office or Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Visio diagram or another PowerPoint presentation. Several configuration settings are available through this plugin. For example, you can choose the slide transition type (none, spatial, bounce), apply settings to all slides or individually, as well as pick the slide arrangement mode (simple, spiral, zig-zag, special) and what parts to show (title, number).
The small app includes user documentation, has a good response time and uses a very low amount of CPU and system memory, so it doesn’t affect PowerPoint’s overall performance. It has a good response time and didn’t cause us any issues during our tests, such as freezing, crashing or popping up errors. All in all, pptPlex


This course will explore the ethical issues and dilemmas students may face as they develop and use the Internet in their academic careers. Our objective is to help students understand the various perspectives on ethical issues from a range of disciplines in which they may be involved, and to learn to act ethically in their use of the Internet. We will present a variety of academic and social-ethical issues related to the Internet, and the dilemmas we encounter as we seek to use the Internet to help us pursue and communicate our studies and research. The course will address ethical issues related to e-mail, using social-networking sites, electronic journals and communication channels, online journals and digital libraries, plagiarism and Internet-assisted collaboration. Students will explore theories related to the development of ethical practices and the creation of ethical guidelines, and will learn to make ethical decisions about their Internet use. Students will also learn how to use the Internet to connect with other professionals and individuals of varying backgrounds. In order to help students understand the various ethical issues related to the Internet, we have put together a number of resources. We will include reference to guidelines and laws that affect academic and social ethics, including UN guidelines on human rights, privacy and confidentiality, information technology and ethics, and the role of the Internet in education. Other resources will include articles and books that discuss ethical issues that arise in relation to the Internet, online communication, scholarly publishing, and the use of technology in higher education. Students will be asked to select from among the resources (books, articles, web sites, and blogs) a related topic, and will be encouraged to read, reflect on and discuss the chosen topic. We will offer guest lectures by professionals in the field, as well as by faculty members at UMD.
Ethics Beyond High School – Academic Ethics and Internet Use Aim:
Students will gain an appreciation for a range of academic and social ethical issues they may face as they develop and use the Internet in their academic careers.
Ethics Beyond High School – Academic Ethics and Internet Use Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
– Analyze the development of ethical standards related to the Internet, including international and national guidelines.
– Explain ethical issues related to e-mail, using social-networking sites, electronic journals and communication channels, online journals and digital libraries, plagiarism and Internet-assisted collaboration.
– Explain how to make ethical decisions about the Internet use.
– Explain the role of the Internet in education.
– Desc

PptPlex Free For PC

pptPlex for PowerPoint 2007 allows you to create slides presentations from your Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio, while using a minimal amount of CPU and memory and gives you numerous advantages over PowerPoint’s native ways of creating slide shows.
Main features:
1. You can easily navigate and edit slides of a PowerPoint presentation.
2. PowerPoint slides are not displayed as slides, but as canvases on which you can zoom and pan freely.
3. You can automatically create a Microsoft Office view and a content view in your PowerPoint presentation.
4. Set up templates with icons and titles, and set up transitions and effects between slides.
5. You can freely insert Office documents, Excel spreadsheet, Visio diagrams and PowerPoint presentations as slides and keep them in an easy to view and manage form.
6. Choose from 13 canvas backgrounds, apply slide styles, and set slide borders and transparency.
7. Save and print slides with customizable layouts.
8. PowerPoint presentations with a limited number of slides can be easily edited via a simple editor.
9. Quickly add voice notes and ask questions during the presentation.
10. You can filter specific slides from your PowerPoint presentations.
11. The minimal memory and CPU impact allows you to create presentations using PowerPoint 2007 with only a few minor problems.
Technical information:
This PowerPoint add-in requires Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
Installation and Requirements:
Please follow the steps below.
1. Download and run the setup file.
2. You need a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 license.
3. After the installation, you can add the plugin to PowerPoint as a whole from the Add-ins menu.
User Manual:

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What’s New in the PptPlex?

pptPlex is a Microsoft PowerPoint plugin which offers an alternative to the regular slide series, in which you can directly navigate your presentation without the tedious process of manually going through the individual slides.
The plugin is easy to install and integrates into the Microsoft PowerPoint environment without any disruption. The tool itself has several options and effects, and is also highly configurable to create a customized solution for each type of presentation.
There are 13 different templates in which you can create the canvas background and the individual slides. You can divide your presentation into sections and use labels. As a result, you can quickly get to any slide from any section.
On top of that, you can add live content from several different sources, such as Office or Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Visio diagrams. After importing the data, you can easily share your presentation with others, give presentations online or convert them to video.
Furthermore, the tool offers detailed configuration settings and has a good response time, so it's an easy-to-use tool that can improve your presentation workflow.
What's New in This Release:
– improvement in the ability to use effects of the pptPlex plugin
– improvement in the presentation of the project settings
– option to change the “order” of the slide show
– improvement in the ability to open a different PowerPoint file in a new project
What's New in This Release:
– support for PowerPoint 2007

2.0 out of 5 stars


By julmulag

Its a great tool. It could do with a few improvements. However, I like the fact that it works with pre-2007 presentations, and will not add a bunch of unnecessary functionality to the tool. Its pretty intuitive, no real problems.

1.0 out of 5 stars


By tommt

The pptPlex plugin requires office 2013 which is not free. I have a lot of slides that I created for my company and all of them have been converted to powerpoint 2007 so I need the plugin to still be usable. Unfortunately the pptPlex plugin has no options to import your slides. It only imports whatever is in the current document.

Latest versions of pptPlex plugin

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System Requirements For PptPlex:

Ubuntu 16.04
Mac OS X 10.10
Windows 7
Minimum 1GB of memory (RAM)
A USB mouse
A USB keyboard
A USB printer
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