Most instant messaging clients have a chat archiving feature that can be quite handy in case you want to review a conversation. Some dedicated applications can search the logs and decipher them to reveal the contents of the recorded messages.
Lightweight and easy to use
SniffIM is one of those tools and it aims to provide quick access to both Yahoo! and MSN Messenger archived chat history. The software is able to scan an entire network to discover and display the messages exchanged through the above mentioned chat clients.
The program is very lightweight and doesn't require installation, so you'll be able to run it right out of the box. Also, there are no configurations to be made, simple start the sniffer and it will begin the search on the spot.
Thanks to a very easy to use interface, SniffIM is accessible for all users, even to beginners. The conversations are structured in several categories which can be viewed with only a mouse click from the left-side panel.
Quickly find messages and save them to file
SniffIM filters all the network traffic and checks every packet for MSN IM and Yahoo! PM and conference archived conversations. As soon as it finds the messages, you can save all of them in a RichText Format (RTF) document.
For anyone who needs to review some messages you sent or received a long timer ago, SniffIM can surely be truly helpful. You should note, though, that the program cannot trace conversations taking place in Yahoo! chat rooms, nor network packets if an HTTP proxy is used for connecting to Yahoo! Messenger.
In conclusion
To sum it all up, SniffIM is definitely a tool to try in case you want to check out some older messages exchanged through Yahoo! or MSN Messenger. Very easy to use, the software is well suited for all users, experienced or not.







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SniffIM is an instant messaging client that can be used for searching and browsing chat logs from Yahoo! and Microsoft Messenger. The program is free and absolutely clean of ads, cookies and toolbars.
It supports multiple IM networks including AIM, Bonjour, Google Talk, ICQ, JABber, MSN Messenger, MSN Transport, MySpace, OSCAR, QQ, SILC, SILC2, SIMPLE, Smooch, Sunfish, Skype, Skype4B, Steam, Twitter, Traknet, Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.
SniffIM uses a powerful filtering mechanism that provides its users with complete control over the chat records. For example, you can specify keywords, dates, chats by specific users, etc.
For searching purposes, SniffIM has a useful search bar and a message log viewer. The latter can be easily customized. Also, it is possible to specify the logging interval and search by email, time or files.
SniffIM has a convenient built-in firewall, which enables you to save your chat logs only to your local drive. In case you are not satisfied with the tool, you are able to export all your logs to a SQLite database.
Some really handy features of SniffIM:
* Filters – you can specify keywords, dates, chats by specific users, etc.
* Search – the program has a powerful filtering mechanism that provides its users with complete control over the chat records.
* Log viewer – SniffIM has a useful message viewer that can be easily customized.
* Configure logging interval – the program allows you to select how frequently you want to record your chats.
* Log to SQLite – the program has a built-in firewall which enables you to save your chat logs only to your local drive.
* Export logs to a SQLite database – for those who want to keep a record of the messages exchanged, SniffIM has a built-in converter that exports the chat logs to a SQLite database.
* Hide online accounts from the conversations – the program allows you to hide online accounts from the history of your conversations.
* Configure look and feel – you are able to customize the look and feel of SniffIM.
* Disable logging to SQLite – SniffIM offers you a convenient built-in firewall which enables you to save your chat logs only to your local drive.

Save the privacy and anonymity of the chat room

What’s New in the?

SniffIM is an open source instant messaging sniffer for AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! IM clients. The sniffer uses a passive approach, in other words the program listens for network traffic and filters it for IM conversations and the chats. In case there are any data you want to keep, SniffIM can save them to a Rich Text Format (RTF) file.
SniffIM is a fast and lightweight tool for capturing, filtering and logging network traffic.
The sniffer is designed to be used only in passive mode. That means it's possible to use the tool from the control panel without opening any program.
SniffIM is an open source tool which you can use as a starting point for building your own active sniffer for Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger or other IM clients. The source code is available for download.
Known issues:
• SniffIM will not work with Yahoo! Messenger if you connect through a proxy.
• SniffIM does not keep the internal cache (web cache) of Yahoo! Messenger.
• SniffIM does not preserve the chat id, the last name and the first name of the chat participants in Yahoo! Messenger chats.
• SniffIM does not save the PM and conference rooms chat history on Yahoo! Messenger.

The instant messaging sniffer is able to capture all the instant messages exchanged through any IM client.
It's as simple as opening a network connection and pressing the "Start" button.
The software is able to record the IM messages exchanged through Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and other IM clients.
Once you start capturing, the program filters the captured traffic to find the IM messages and saves them to a Rich Text Format (RTF) file.
SniffIM is a fast and light weight tool, there is no need for installation.
Also, the program won't require any configurations.

• Windows operating systems
• Internet connection
• Rich Text Format (RTF) file reader or a text editor
For a complete list of system requirements, visit

1. Start SniffIM
Click on the Start button to open the sniffer and start capturing.
2. Click on the Start button to start listening for network traffic.
3. Wait until you are presented with a list of captured IM messages.
4. Click on the Start button to save the captured messages to a Rich Text Format (RTF) file.
5. Click on the Start button again to open the RTF file viewer.
6. Click on the Start button to save the captured messages as

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8, Windows Vista
CPU: 1.5GHz Processor
HD: Hard Disk Space 20MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
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