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SoundStepper is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you control up to 4 motors (RA, Dec, focuser and field derotator) of an altazimuth-mounted or equatorial telescope. It uses audio hardware to control step motors in real time and requires only an external analog current amplifier.

The comfort of working with portable tools
The portable running mode ensures your Windows registry does not get bloated with extra entries. You may run it by simply opening the executable file.
Copying it on a USB flash drive or other portable devices is also possible. You can get rid of the utility by simply deleting the files that you have grabbed from the Internet.
Prior configuration settings
A configuration panel pops up when you open the program for the first time. It does not look very intuitive so you need to invest some extra time into tweaking the dedicated parameters.
You are given the option to set up the audio devices and motors, perform comprehensive tests in order to verify and adjust R.A. motor, consolidate multiple PEC files, as well as select the location and language.
When it comes to mounting options, you can opt for manual equatorial mount, GoTo equatorial mount with or without meridian flip, or alt-azimuth GoTo mounts, limit the maximum meridian crossover, alter the park position, and tweak a set of advanced settings (e.g. guiding speed, audio buffers). You can save the current configuration to a file and revert to the last saved configuration data.
Controlling options
SoundStepper gives you the possibility to gain control over any type of equatorial-mounted telescopes with step motors. The tool lets you make use of ‘GoTo’ manual pointing mounts in order to identify faint objects easier. What’s more, you can begin or stop tracking, work with joystick controlling parameters in order to reverse the direction, log debug information, as well as enable TCP traffic log.
An overall efficient telescope controller
All in all, SoundStepper comes with an advanced suite of features for helping you gain control over telescopes, and is suitable especially for professional users.

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SoundStepper Crack PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

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SoundStepper Torrent

– configures and runs the configuration for all supported instruments with step motors (all required PECs are included in the software package)
– runs the auto-calibration algorithm for all supported instruments with step motors
– supports 2D autoguiding using motor-driven knobs (with or without decoder as well)
– provides many other autoguiding capabilities
– supports any type of LCD or touch-screen as well as native or IOS apps
– supports advanced goniometric mode including the solar eclipse mode
– provides advanced remote control via serial port
– allows an easy configuration for any other instruments (via corresponding menus)
Download SoundStepper from:

My guide to using a telescope with stepper motors:

Downloading the software:

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I first of all want to thank everyone that has supported me and watched my videos. I have been doing this for a little under a year or so and would not have done it without your support. When I made this channel I believe I was the only one on but now I have seen quite a few other channels and I want to do this for a living. So, I would like to thank everyone that watches their videos.
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In this video we learn how to make a telescope kit. We use a motor, a set of motors, which create a “go-to” point, which we can move around the sky using R.A. and Dec. motors. We use a set of mirrors and lenses to relay that information to a motor driver. We then use a precision telescope

What’s New in the?

The purpose of this C-program is to control one or several stepper motors of an equatorial or altazimuth mount. With this tool you will gain more control over your telescope than you have ever had in the past.
The program has some features which are very useful for visual observers. It helps you to go to an object and focus it. You can do this with great accuracy and better stability than other programs. With this program you can adjust your foci very quickly. You can even park your mount at home at a certain place and control it there.
Stepper motor: the purpose of this tool is to control one or several stepper motors. The program is able to control only 5 channel motor controller. Stepper motors and their controllers are quite expensive. The prices of stepper motors can go up to several thousands of dollars. On the other hand, stepper motors are compact and are very small. They are generally very good with accuracy and a high response speed. This makes them very suitable for telescope guiding. However, they lack stability and accuracy in comparison to traditional motor drives such as voice coils, PID, or encoders. What is more, stepper motors are a source of a lot of noise.
Motor driving circuit: if you connect your stepper motors directly to a PWM or pulse-width modulation signal, this tool will work great. With this solution the program will be able to control the pulse frequency and speed of a stepper motor. Thus, you will be able to control your stepper motor easily.
Setting up the program: here, you will find a lot of useful options which you can use to configure the program. These options help you to control the stepper motor and to work with your telescope in a simple way.
NEC/Flexible synchronization: you will find here options which help you to control the stepper motors with the help of NEC and Flexible synchronization.

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System Requirements:

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