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• Save games to one or more folders or cloud storage destinations.
• Monitor multiple folders and backup your saves.
• Includes a configuration file that can be edited manually.
• Includes an executable executable for easy and direct use.
• Works with game save locations such as Steam, Origin, Uplay, XBox Live or Windows game folder.
• Can backup the current save game, or backup all of them to be reloaded.

GameSaveBackup Crack For Windows is not a standalone application and can be used as a complement to other software or as an alternative for cloud backups.
The GPLv3+ license allows open-source modifications, so this is a perfect alternative to a full-fledged backup solution.

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GameSaveBackup 2952 Download For PC [Updated-2022]

KEYMACRO is an open-source keybinding program for Linux and OS X. It allows you to bind actions and macros to a key or keys, similar to what’s possible in games.
It allows you to bind a key to execute a function or macro, or a series of functions or macros.
For example, pressing “F1” will execute the function KEY_PREVIOUS, which will open the menu, and return you to the previous menu.
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With a bit of effort, it could be used to automate many aspects of a computer game, such as switching between the game’s menus and killing enemies.
Other applications similar to this
There are many other open-source programs similar to KEYMACRO.
For example, there is a Linux program called Béka Key that lets you bind a series of keystrokes to a macro, which can then be run whenever the macro key is pressed.
There is also a program called which lets you bind key combinations to a macro.
There is also a program called xmacro, but this only works with the X Window System.
Likewise, there is another open-source program called xbindkeys, but this requires setting a script file to be executed in response to certain keystrokes.
What makes KEYMACRO different?
KEYMACRO is very similar to Béka Key, but it has a few added features that make it more powerful.
For example, it is possible to create multiple macros for one key, which can then be bound to a different key. This means you can have an entire configuration system for using different macros in different situations.
And it has a very powerful event system, so it’s possible to set up every action you want to be taken in response to an event, so you can bind macros to any keystroke.
What makes KEYMACRO different?
It’s fully customisable. It supports scripting, and it can be configured with variables, which means the macros can be run at any time without having to run the script file.
And if you decide to make modifications to the script, you can make modifications directly in the configuration file.
Very easy to use

GameSaveBackup 2952 Full Product Key Free Download [Win/Mac]


GameSaveBackup is an open source application that enables you to backup the contents of a folder to another location, including cloud storage, and restore them when necessary.
Monitor multiple directories and backup your saves
The program is designed to watch one or more folders, normally where saves are stored, and copy files to a different location. It can be used to create local backups, but you can also send files to something like a Dropbox or Google Drive folder to also store them in the cloud.
GameSaveBackup can monitor the source folders automatically and copy any new files to the destination path. Files are compared based on their modification date, and you will be prompted if a more recent file is to be overwritten.
Not very easy to configure
In order to add your games, you will need to open the configuration file in a text editor and enter their paths manually. You can also specify if backups should be run automatically or manually and whether an entry should be ignored, and you can also exclude certain types of files.
Naturally, less experienced users may find this process to be rather confusing, which is why a more intuitive method is necessary. Once you’ve finished setting things up, however, it is very easy to manage your games from the system tray menu.
Useful backup tool that needs a little more work
All in all, GameSaveBackup can definitely prove useful for gamers who need an alternative method of backing up their saves, and it has the advantage of being very unobtrusive. However, the fact that it can only be set up by editing a configuration file is a big downside.

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What’s New In GameSaveBackup?

Create your backup in one click and be sure to never lose anything again! GameSaveBackup is a backup application that creates local and cloud backups of your saves without any effort. Now you can be sure that nothing you can never ever lose again!
Why You Need GameSaveBackup?
You are a PC gamer. You love to play games, but you are not always in your home. When you are at home you can backup all your games, when you are away, you can restore them if your hard drive dies, if you forget your USB or other devices, etc.
But, when you are away from your PC you do not always have your USB or other storage devices and you often forget your backups. Thus, you lose all your saves.
With GameSaveBackup you never have to worry about losing your saves. You can create your backup in one click and be sure to never lose anything again.
How does GameSaveBackup work?
GameSaveBackup uses a local monitoring directory, a temporary file and cloud backup services to automatically copy files from your source locations to your backup locations.
GameSaveBackup, you can use the application to backup your saves, but you can also send the files to the cloud, but you cannot choose what cloud storage to use, that’s why it’s important to check the uses of your cloud storage.
Since you can monitor the files on your hard drive or network locations using GameSaveBackup, you will always have your backups and will never lose anything.
GameSaveBackup Features:
– Monitor folders to backup their contents.
– It can backup automatically and you can choose the backup locations.
– It can backup files to the local computer, a network location or any cloud storage service.
– You can manage your backups from the system tray icon.
– You can monitor multiple directories and backup your saves.
– It can restore your backups even when you do not have your USB or other storage devices.
– It supports to backup and restore your saves to and from the cloud.
– Supports Windows XP and later versions.
– Supports FAT32, NTFS and other Windows compatible file systems.

GameSaveBackup Reviews:
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II X4 965
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB or equivalent
Storage: 2 GB available space
Scrolling Performance (On-Screen Display): 1500 DPI minimum. A virtual screen of at least 2560×1080 is recommended.
Requires use of latest version of Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 or later