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Closing the gaps between property owners and local law enforcement is a key element of any criminal investigation. The HotSpot Detective’s Mapping tool supports your efforts in capturing and mapping locations of repeated criminal incidents to help your local authorities assign resources to support the community.

HotSpot Detective is designed for state and local law enforcement, city councils, property owners, homeowners associations and community managers. HotSpot Detective supports both the 2007 and 2010 versions of MapInfo.
HotSpot Detective Description:

If you want to know if a city or state is suffering from a crime wave, whether it’s a clear case of statistics or maybe your own personal observation, here’s a tool for you. The HotSpot Detective crime map can be used to track the crime locations in the areas surrounding your house or home office and create reports about crimes and their locations.
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Maps created with this Crime Map software can be printed or exported as pdf, jpeg, raster and vector maps. Reports are automatically saved to the File menu, allowing you to save and print crime reports, saved in a user-defined format.
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Are you a local government, neighborhood association or the business owner of a neighborhood? Is your area becoming a hot spot for crime?
HotSpot Detective is the easy-to-use crime reporting tool you have been searching for. You can enter data by hand or enter it directly into your database. Create reports by geographical area, event type, and police department.
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HotSpot is a powerful crime reporting and reporting creation software that makes crime maps easy. You can create crime maps with the areas that have been repeatedly hit by crime. HotSpot Crime Map can be viewed or printed in all printable formats.
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A crime reporting and crime mapping solution that you can use in business or in community management. This tool allows the users to categorize crimes, create a custom crime map, print a report, or export the reports as excel, pdf, and raster maps.
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If you run a neighborhood watch program or are interested in starting one, the HotSpot Detective crime reporting and crime mapping software provides a powerful way to gather information about crimes in your neighborhood. The report provides a detailed overview of crimes in the neighborhood, including the types of crimes, arrest numbers, and time of day.
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HotSpot Detective Crime Map is

HotSpot Detective

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HotSpot Detective PC/Windows Latest

HotSpot Detective (registered version) was released in August of 2008 as a combined MapInfo Add-on and MapInfo Desktop Application. HotSpot Detective is the first and only software available for the purpose of analyzing crime data to draw a crime hotspot. In the data visualization phase, it allows the user to rapidly view crime data in a simplified and effective manner by clustering the locations with similar crime rate. HotSpot Detective is easy to install, and its sophisticated, comprehensive features allow its users to analyze a wide range of crime data. HotSpot Detective will allow the user to prepare as many reports and maps as he/she needs. Also, through the Visualization tab, you can achieve the best visualization of crime data by clustering the crime locations and identifying the high-crime spots.

HotSpot Detective will enable you to design as many reports as you like, and because it is an add-on, you can run it on any MapInfo Database. It can be used on any version of MapInfo Desktop from version 6.5 on up. If you are using MapInfo version 7, you can also use HotSpot Detective as a separate MapInfo Add-on Application. Please read the HotSpot Detective Help for more information.

HotSpot Detective Table of Contents

4.1 Open Hotspot Detective

4.2 Install Hotspot Detective

4.3 Open Hotspot Detective

4.4 Analyzing Crime Data

5.1 Find Locations with Repeated Crime Events

5.2 Analyze Crime Data in Visualization Mode

5.3 Produce Dashboards

5.4 Inspect Hotspots

5.5 Sort by any Crime Types

5.6 Support Multi-dimensional Analysis

6.1 Download MapLinks

6.2 Analyze Crime Data in URL Mode

6.3 Produce Dashboards

6.4 Produce Visualization

6.5 Inspect Hotspots

6.6 Analysis Tool Settings

7.1 Manage a Cache

7.2 Manage Reports

7.3 Remove Hotspots

7.4 Produce a Dashboard

7.5 Inspect Hotspots

7.6 Analyze the Crime Data

8.1 Installation Instructions for a MapInfo Add-on

9.1 Release Notes

10.1 HotSpot Detective Frequently Asked Questions

This page allows you to download and install HotSpot Detective.

What’s New In HotSpot Detective?

This plugin provides several tools to analyze your crime data in order to find out:
1. the places with the highest rate of crime
2. the places with repeated crime events (more than once per month)
3. the places with higher than average crime rates for at least a given amount of time (for example, a year)
4. the places with high crime rates in comparison with other cities (in at least one of the above categories)
5. the places which crime rates are increasing or decreasing from a certain period of time.
5. The Time Filter and the location filter can be combined in order to analyze the changes of the crime rates over time.

1. The rate of crime is calculated by adding all crimes and dividing the total by the population. You can see the crime rate graphically for each location, or you can export the data to a new TAB-delimited file.
2. The time filter shows the map with higher crime rate (according to the period of time you choose) and the places with repeated crimes.
3. The location filter shows the map of the places with higher crime rate than in the whole country.
4. The categories of crime rates.
5. Export the map of all selected locations to TAB-delimited file.
6. Export selected crime rate data to TAB-delimited file.

How to Activate:
1. Request the license from the address in the top right corner.
2. Once the license is received, there will be a “Activate” link in the top right corner. Click that link and it will redirect you to the activation page, where you need to click on the “Activate” button.
3. After that, you can use all the features of this add-on.

This add-on is designed for MapInfo Professional (Pro) 11.5 or higher (and later) and MapInfo Portal 8.0 or higher (and later).

Note: The “Add-on Manager” website is not the official website of Add-on Manager, Inc. Neither MapInfo nor Add-on Manager, Inc. are affiliated with Add-on Manager, Inc. (“Add-on Manager”). The names and trademarks of Add-on Manager are used solely to describe the product in question. The trademarks, names, logos and images of Add-on Manager belong to Add-on Manager and not to MapInfo and Add-on Manager.

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HotSpot Detective:

System Requirements:

1 GB of free space on your PC
Intel Pentium 4, 2GHz or higher processor
NVIDIA GeForce FX graphics card with 1GB of VRAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
Minimum resolution: 1024×768
Installation notes:
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Install Minecraft Launcher
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