Android Commander provides Android mobile phone and tablet owners with an alternative to their favorite Android manager application software.
As most programs in its category, Android Commander delivers various integrated components especially created for an aspect of the big picture such as file exploring, application management, device information, console, flashing capabilities or app signing.
Manage files with ease and access a clean GUI
Featuring a rather well-built graphical user interface, Android Commander manages to pull of an intuitive approach to the whole concept of managing your Android device. First things first, this piece of software does a pretty good job at helping you exploring the contents of your mobile phone or tablet.
With Android Commander, you have no restrictions whatsoever for copying multiple files and folders from and to your device and even delete alongside the native drag and drop support. You can also edit the permissions of specific files and folders while accessing their properties.
Look for items, install and uninstall apps
The program also aids you in your app installation process whether they are a batch or not, and also choose between private, update or system app as the mode of installation as well as during uninstallation.
The “search bar” allows you to perform various lookup actions as well as directly open URLs within the device browser.
Bring up data about your device and flash it
You can also check out your device information and get details about the ROM, the available partitions and basic battery (no cycles included).
If needed, you are able to connect to your device through the console and run shell commands as well as scripts directly from the PC. Android Commander also delivers to right tools to use if in need of flashing your phone or tablet.
Bottom line
To conclude, Android Commander is not far from the complete toolkit and that can only come as very good news. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance, the response time is good and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for quite a while. Moreover, we did not come across any errors, crashes or bugs in our tests.


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Android Commander is a tool for managing the Android handset and tablets. It works with the standard Android shell and supports file exporting, including the full set of file formats. Android Commander provides the app that allows you to manage the Android device, manage files with ease and access a clean GUI.
The program has a friendly approach to most aspects of using your Android device, from finding and removing apps to managing files. It supports several file types, allows you to open most of the apps with a touch of a button and interacts with the Android shell and the file explorer with a single action.
Easy and quick file management
To start, you just need to install Android Commander on your Android device and run the program as usual. Explore the layout of the file explorer right from the Start Menu and delete files alongside the default drag and drop support.
Use tabs to find a given file, a special search field and a category field
The program also supports a drag and drop file converter and opens most file types with a single click of a button. You can also manage files, search and delete files on the fly.
Find out what apps are installed and uninstall them
You can even scan and find installed Android apps and uninstall them one-by-one or batch. You can also choose between Private and Update apps as the mode of installation.
Get your phone/tablet info
Want to know more about your device? Check out the Device info tab that provides all the info needed.
Connect to your phone/tablet via USB cable or over a Wi-Fi network
Use the built-in “Connect via USB or network” option to easily connect to your Android device when you need to update it or restore a backup from the PC. You can also find out battery information and check out its cycle count.
Run shell commands on your device
Connect through the console and use the Shell menu to run shell commands on your device. There are several basic commands and you are also able to get the Phonebook, clipboard and SMS apps.
Use templates for fast and hassle-free flashing of ROMS
Android Commander also allows you to flash the ROM directly on your device without having to sideload the installation APK. The program is compatible with some of the most popular ROMs.
Bottom line
Android Commander is a very useful tool to have on your computer and should be on every Android user’s device. After adding the size of the app to the cost of the original management application, it is still

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• An efficient graphical user interface that is on par with most management software
• Advanced search, install, update and other functions of your favorite Android manager
• Backup and restore options and manager to protect data
• Phone and tablet battery charging and data management
• Touch and shell scripting to perform any custom app installation, test and more
• Device information, ROM, partitions, partitioning, data, battery status
• Device browser and package manager
• Flash tool and much more

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• System Optimizer – Optimize the system to make it run faster and more stable.
• Block Ads – Some of the Adverts install bloatware to your system. We will remove them for you.
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• Look up system permissions and uninstall system apps – Android’s permission system, which allows apps to access and alter the system is very complicated. We will figure out which permissions your phone needs and remove those that are not needed.
• Customize various aspects of the operating system – We offer an app which can customize various aspects of the operating system. The app makes your Android device like a pure Android device.
• Stay online with unlimited and premium access to the Internet –

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The mobile PC Swingl Phone Organizer makes it so easy to backup, restore or transfer SMS, contacts, call history and more between phones. You can also check battery charge level on the phone.

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4. Empty space management
5. Check battery charge
6. Sync more than one phone

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Android Commander

The most significant market “feature” comes from its abilities to synchronize its different parts. With the help of Google Drive, Cloud Data Sync and Amazon Cloud Drive, as well as from a USB connection, you can keep all of your essential files and folders in sync with all of your Android devices as well as with other PCs and Macs without needing to do so manually. In the same way, to upload files from your device, Android Commander can be fully controlled with the help of your computers software. Whatever you may be editing or creating on the device, it is possible to directly upload it to your Google Drive online account from your computer. Besides, you can even save any changes you made on the device to the cloud.

Similar software shotlights:

File Manager with Explorer-like InterfaceSimple Explorer is a free file manager app for Android that is optimized to match the basic access pattern of most device users. Besides, it is easy to use, fast, and even has the ability to be used as a file browser.

Best Free File Manager 2018Free file manager that is not easy to use features and easy to access, by far. It covers a wide range of applications and has several free extras.

Top 40 Free File Managers.Android File Manager allows you to access, create, and view files from your Android phones and tablets. We recommend you try it to compare against other choices in the marketplace. The developer even included the possibility to play media from your device using the application.

Android File Manager is a free file manager application to access, create, and view files from your Android phones and tablets. It is simple to use and allows the user to have complete control over his / her files. of a collapsing star, detected in both the light curve and radio data.

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What’s New In Android Commander?

Android Commander is the complete solution you need for your Android mobile device.
Connect to and manage your Android device.
Main features
* Manage multiple Android devices from one PC
* Safe and secure management of files
* Full control over app permissions and updates
* Device information
* Fast and stable
* Supports Linux, Mac, and Windows
* Ability to flash Android and change permissions
* Easy access to shell commands
* Console/SwipeKeeper

Top features to Look for in Android Automated Management Software

Mobile PC News 2015-08-11

Mobile PC News Aug 11, 2015 – Will the end of the support for Windows XP really put an end to its sales? As ever, the technology world is closely following the sales of Windows XP. Just recently, the announcement of support dates has come from Microsoft. The support extension for Windows XP will run out on the 8th January, 2016. This will prompt users to switch to Windows 7. Talking about its importance, Microsoft XP comprises of a large part of desktop computing devices. Windows XP still remains one of the most used operating system. Even though Microsoft will no longer be supporting it. So, here is a look at some features which will surely make the transition easier.
Office integration
With the new support policy, Microsoft will continue to provide security patches for the operating system. If you are using Windows XP, this will enable you to use Microsoft Office suite of applications. Microsoft 365 will enable you to use the latest updates, even in cases of the desktop devices you use. Microsoft 365 will keep all the data organized.
Microsoft support
All those who are using Windows XP will be able to continue using it. The support extended date has set to deal with those who are using the original version of Windows Vista. Those who are using Windows 7, will be supported until the end of 2015. Also, Windows 8 and 8.1 will be supported by the company for an additional three years.
Security Issues
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a huge set of vulnerabilities for users. This can be because of many tools used.
In view of the above, Microsoft has extended its support. All you need to do is to choose the OS you have installed now. Also

System Requirements:

PC OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 280
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
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