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BareTail – A Screen Monitoring tool that has many of the same features of “tail”, but much more!
BareTail is a lightweight, free utility that monitors multiple files at once. It will notify you when any of the files it’s monitoring change. It even has a built-in file watcher which will let you watch the changes of any file on a network drive or hard drive.
Feel free to play with this “tail” alternative for yourself and experience the difference!
N.B.**BareTail Features
✓ Watch the changes of multiple files.
✓ Watch the changes of any file on a network drive or hard drive.
✓ File Watcher.
✓ Customizable profiles.
✓ Database of all items.
✓ Supports text with any characters.
✓ Shows the last modified file.
✓ Shows the filenames.
✓ Shows the size of the

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View Public Stored Tails
Watch files for when they change, the size, date/time, types, permissions and more.
View file content details and make multiple changes without slowing down the program.
Get immediate updates and alerts to selected changes.
Start with any file and watch it, or start with multiple files and then watch any of them as long as you keep the program open.
Configure Tail function to follow the file content from any program, save file content or keep it in a list.
Configure no update/alerts/File size changes on operations when possible.
Can open a list of 10,000 files with search name/pattern to monitor.

Cracked BareTail With Keygen is a good solution that you can keep monitoring the modification of any file in your computer. It offers you to open a list of files to monitor them and has some useful options and settings that you can configure. The main window is very well crafted and can be configured with the necessary configurations to keep it as clean as possible.

Looks interesting but the trial is way too short.

The trial runs for nearly a minute, but it shows two windows without any explanation about the program, when I close the first one, it shows a “restart required” message, then I restart my PC, and there it is again.

Please, make a trial that is better or allow the user to purchase the license. I think it’s quite expensive for an EXE file.

Doesn’t work.

BareTail Serial Key does not work, it tries to ask me questions it has not even an answer, just a wait in endless loop and errors. It has not been updated for more than a year.

Wow this software is awesome

BareTail Cracked Version is quite complex but that is worth a long time consideration. If it lacks some clarification of what each task is the author has made some effort to explain each task in individual guide.
This is a tool of the future if the author can only make their product easier to use and the price will drop enough. I look forward to the update to the author as I believe it will be quite nice.


This is just what I was looking for. I had Broughtail but had a few problem with it. First, it was not a free version, second, it had an issue where it would not open certain files. This one does not have that issue and does not

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What’s New in the BareTail?

– The main window will highlight the changes that were made to a file.
– The file can be opened on multiple tabs.
– Finds the latest modification on a file when ‘tail’ is supplied.
– Interface resembles the classic version of ‘tail’.
– Recognizes patterns and colors of sequence of characters.
– Users can get a better appreciation of how the sequence of characters was transformed
– Send notifications (via email) when there are changes or specific sequences of characters in a file.
– Visualize the movement of the cursor on the file/s.
– Download of the file is possible.
– Profiles, colors, and flags can be installed.
– Can be moved in file manager.
– Info about the program can be found on it’s official site.
System Requirements:
– Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1
– IE 6/8/9
– Net Framework 2.0/3.0 SP1
– TLB 2007
– Multi-threaded
– Free space is 100Mb or more.
– 1 or more GB RAM
– DirectX 9.0c compliant video card
– 1 GB free space on the disk.
– To the tool go to
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System Requirements For BareTail:

An Internet connection is recommended
Version 1.1.7 (the latest version available from github)
If you are looking for the old lcdc-app, you can download it from:
– Old:
– dSYMs:
– Old screencasts:
– here: