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What do you make of the interface? Do you like the fact that you can choose between 2 and 8 characters or the fact that you can change the background color (preferred option) or not?
With the help of this app, you can share pictures with friends and family on your computer, mobile device or laptop.
Moreover, you can even view all the pictures that are saved on your computer. It also allows you to send text messages and call cards through the phone.
How do you like it?
Instead of writing out the entire steps to create a new text, this app creates one more time easy step-by-step tutorial. We found this to be a very useful feature.
When you create text, an automatic spell check step is performed. Meaning that your text will not only have the errors corrected but it will also match the spelling of the words.
Another great feature of this application is the ability to change the language of your text. This can be done by selecting a language. If a text is created in English, you can select a different language to say Spanish, French or Italian.
There are many options that come with this app. You can change the font, size, choose between 2 to 8 characters and also decide whether to have a background image or not.
Overall, this is a great app that takes a while to use but in the end it is worth the effort. You can use it to create text, call cards and even create email addresses. For a free app, it has quite a few great features. It can be used to call numbers from your phone, sending text messages and creating call cards.
Key features:
Easy step-by-step tutorial
Trim text from the beginning and end of a line
Automatically checks spelling
Spell check
Free font, size, color and 2 to 8 character
Font, size, color, 2 to 8 character
Trim text from the beginning and end of a line
Auto-check spelling
Send text messages
Create call cards
What do you think?
If you’ve ever seen a cool website, chances are it had a contact form on it. Contact forms are usually easy to use and help users make contact with websites and services, without having to call them or fill out long forms.
How does a contact form work? It sends a message to the website with the information from the form. A reply is then sent back to the website either by the form or a user

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on this day in. He was a prominent African American civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968.
Brief Description:
Youthbridge is the software for students to manage their college and career information at the same time. A comprehensive student life/job match tool that helps you connect to the right schools, the right internships and companies with over 600 partner companies. Learn more at
Trial License:
Youthbridge offers a free lifetime access to all features of Youthbridge unless your enterprise license is purchased.
To begin your free trial, you must first visit the Youthbridge website and register for a trial version. After that, you can select a 30-day free trial.
1) How to change the color of Show Details grid.
*Go to*
*Find color pallette*
and change


1) Completly change the language of the interface to other language.
*Go to..\install\youthbridge\tray/*
*Find this line*
*Type other language code*

*in the config directory, the file is created
*the text will be rendered in the default language

2) Trjal to the debugger by eclipse/ netbeans
Before you start developing the code. I highly recommend to install the plugin.
There are several packages for dowloading and installing the plugin:

3) For the interface to support a large variety of languages, it is necessary to
set the value “language.default” from the property file by editing the GUI
“youthbridge.ini” in “..\install\youthbridge”.The language can be set
by clicking the Set “language” button from the GUI.



.NET uses the Globalization & localization API for its language features.
This API allows the user to switch the culture.
When culture changes,.NET automatically switches the controls from the western culture to the current culture and returns the correct value to the user.
After the user enters information into the application the user can select the language

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If you have the huge task of sending an annual birthday card, then a specialized web service can be a welcome relief. In fact, you do not have to waste your time and you will be able to send an individualistic greeting.
Let the birthdays begin!
This service allows you to send personalized text messages. It was created by the Russian company ActOnline. All you have to do is enter the text and press Send. In case you miss or forget to specify a text, ActOnline offers the option of sending the default greeting. In such case, the message will be “Happy Birthday!”.
A feature of the application which is unique is that you can set multiple recipients. The application will automatically parse the provided text in the form of subject and greeting, so you can for example greet two people at once.
Such a feature is handy since you do not have to type the greeting twice. Likewise, it is also possible to add the sender’s name to the subject in the text for more clarity.
Using this tool for birthday text messages is quite straightforward and its interface is rather user-friendly. However, it is not designed to be a comprehensive web service, so you will not be able to send e-cards, send or receive images or videos.

There was a time, not so long ago, when the only way to get an email was through an ISP’s in-house web-based portal. That is not the case any longer as more and more consumers have turned to some of the many third-party email app providers.
No matter how many types of products we talk about on the blog, email is probably the most commonly used service for communication. This is why we’ve put together this list of the Best Email Apps for Android.
These apps should be able to help you pick up your favorite email services, while also providing a useful one-stop solution to all of your app-related needs.
Email for Gmail
Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most popular email services. It’s also one of the most searched for, so you can rest assured that we’ve put together a list of email apps that you can use to get your mail right on your smartphone.
Unfortunately for users of other providers, such as Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook, they don’t have access to a standalone app. This is where the Gmail Email app comes in handy.
This app can help you view and manage your mail or get a

What’s New In Birthday?

Birthday Description is a handy program designed to create a cool description for any special day. The wizard starts after a short and quick installation, and guides the user through all the remaining steps.
Birthday Description is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and Me.
Simple interface and functions
The appearance of Birthday Description is quite simple, with limited fonts available, ensuring that the application doesn’t look too flashy.
All the necessary functions are laid out on the main screen and there is a button for choosing options. You can change the font, set the placement, change the color of the text, increase or decrease the size, add effects to the text, or create a link.
The app is free for personal use but the trial version is limited to 35 days, after which you need to pay $19.95 in order to unlock the full version of Birthday Description. In any case, it is not compatible with Windows 10.
Take a look at the demo version on the Screenshot tool.
Free Skype Translator is a feature-packed and professional software solution for translating conversations between you and another person using Skype. The software supports various audio and video codecs and contains a transcoding mechanism that can extract subtitles from various video formats.
The program runs smoothly on Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and it’s available as a portable version (not installed on your computer).
Easy set up and use
The manual installation is a rather simple and common task that is common to all the programs released by Free Speech Systems Inc.
It doesn’t contain instructions for installing but it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. The utility lets you add new input or output Skype accounts, and if you don’t have any, we recommend that you try to learn how to add Skype accounts using the Skype website.
If you want to select a microphone to use for the translation, you can navigate to the settings window and choose between the listed audio input devices. The program allows you to select a Skype account to connect with, along with the desired audio and video codecs.
In order to achieve the full functionality, it is recommended that you install its drivers. Windows Update is capable of doing this for you automatically. You can also use Free Speech Translator without any installation.
Frequently asked questions
Since the program contains no download links, it is tough to get a license key for it and this is the reason why it was excluded

System Requirements:

Per the instructions given by the game developers:
There is no minimum or recommended system specifications for this game.
This game can be played with any computer operating system. The game’s framerate depends solely on the computer’s capabilities, not on the computer system’s specifications.
If you encounter any issues with the game’s performance, contact us via the email address below and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.
For your convenience, you can download this game from Steam.