Book writers usually lay down their thoughts and ideas on individual pages, which later get put together in order to reveal their entire work. Of course, this process is not reserved only for authors and can be employed by any user who needs to jot down stuff and combine the information later. Combine Word Documents 4dots, as the name implies, is a tool that combines Word documents (DOC, DOCX) as well as RTF and TXT.
Load your files in and start combining them
Combine Word Documents 4dots has a very basic course. Load whatever documents you need gluing together, check a couple of boxes and start merging the lot. Adding files is very simple to do — you either use the quick drag and drop function or employ the Add Files command at the start of the toolbar.
Below where the items are listed you'll find a small group of checkboxes providing features like keeping the original format for each item, copying headers and footers to the output files, resetting numbering for each page according to what was merged, and replacing the NUMPAGES filed with the SECTIONPAGES one.
Cannot work without Microsoft Word
Despite being able to freely load any files in, when starting the merging process, the app will inform you about its dependency on MS Word. When the combining starts, MS Word will be launched and closed during the whole conversion. However, if you have DOC or DOCX on your hands, there's a frail chance to not have the Word installed, but if you don't, the app cannot really help you.
In short
Combine Word Documents 4dots is a lightweight documents merger that accepts the four most important document formats — DOC, DOCX , RTF, and TXT. It also requires one to have MS Word installed for completing the merging process. As for how difficult the app is, well, as long as you are familiarized with formatting, headers, page numbering, and such, you'll have no issues operating it.


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What is new in this release:
• Initial Release
Combine Word Documents 4dots is a tool that starts combining and renumbering all your documents at once. The merge doesn’t have to happen on a single day, but whenever you want. The first click of the button that starts the merging process and you can start combining/merging any type of document.All things Starbucks and white people

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Combine Word Documents 4dots

Combine Word Documents 4dots is a powerful but easy-to-use tool that can be utilized to quickly combine multiple documents into one. Add files, start merging them, change the appearance, and even have the pages get formatted and numbered as well, all in only a few simple clicks. In addition, you can save time by adding different file formats as inputs and use the built-in features of the software to streamline the whole merging process.
Add/Remove folders
Can select multiple files
Document format selection
Export options
Change layout and page
You can also add colors, fonts, and headers.
How to install:
Combine Word Documents 4dots Free Download
Note: Free Download trial version, Support trial version, a free trial version is available for limited time period only. To activate the full version, we recommend you to purchase the Windows Software ( License key ) for a single use.



Combine Word Documents 4dots is a handy utility which allows you to efficiently combine and merge different types of files -DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT formats. The app can be used to combine single or multiple files and has a few neat features.
What are the files you need to combine? Word Documents with several formats can be successfully combined into one file using Microsoft Office Word 2007, 2003, 2007 for Windows. Combined Word documents have slightly different formats than standalone files and here’s why:
Combine Word Documents 4dots Features:
NEW! Multi-page data added
NEW! Option to use or not to use page headers/footers when combining/merging documents
NEW! Count the number of pages when merging documents
NEW! In-app merging of numbers in Microsoft Word
Combine Word Documents 4dots Version History:
Ver1.0.0.98: the first public version of Combine Word Documents 4dots, merged the output document with headers and footers but didn’t implement text styles and colors for merged files;
Ver1.1.1.13: added the option to select output file type;
Ver1.1.1.19: added colors;
Ver1.2.0.3: merged features from version;
Ver1.2.2.12: replaced style and formatting with custom ones in merged file; added the Format Report and Format Log tabs; changed the placement of the Merge

Combine Word Documents 4dots Activation Code With Keygen Free

Combine Word Documents 4dots is a simple document merging tool that provides users with a simple and quick way to combine various documents and make them look as if they were combined all at once. It makes it possible for combining docx, rtf and txt files, removing blank space between paragraphs, and making numbers to section headers.
Merge Multiple Word Documents, RTFs, TXTs, and PDFs
With Combine Word Documents 4dots, it is possible to merge multiple documents and generate one output file. The document file is compatible with Word, and you can choose where to keep the original format and the headers of each document. The output format is compatible with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, or the HTML editor.
You have the option to either merge documents into a single file or to an individual page.
Page Header Font
Using Combine Word Documents 4dots, you will have access to various page header styles. There are 35 header styles, including all the office styles.
Page Header Styles
There is a possibility to merge all the headings into a page based on the content of the input. There is no need to set any page header styles for the file.
Making all Sections to Page Numbers
Apart from the section headers, Combine Word Documents 4dots can be used for marking the header and footer of each page. The section header can be marked, making all the pages to have the same style and formatting. There is a clear difference between the section and the page headers.
Footer and Header for All Text
You have the option to keep the format of the footer and the header of all the text. There is a clear difference between the footer and the header.
Footer and Header for All Paragraphs
Combine Word Documents 4dots has the ability to combine the footer and the header of all the paragraphs. The text can be combined as well, but you’ll need to first set the footer and the header for the paragraph.
Empty Chunks
Empty chunks contain either blank spaces, tab stops, or symbols. You can merge and format the chunks to a similar environment by making it compatible with the number of lines and the font size.
Document Conversion Options
Using Combine Word Documents 4dots, you have the option to choose the output format as well as the source format. The conversion is very easy to do. There is a menu bar available at the top of the interface. The menu is created to give

What’s New in the Combine Word Documents 4dots?

Combine Word Documents 4dots is a lightweight documents merger that accepts the four most important document formats
DOC, DOCX, RTF, and TXT. It also requires one to have MS Word installed for completing the merging process. As for how difficult the app is, well, as long as you are familiarized with formatting, headers, page numbering, and such, you’ll have no issues operating it.
Need It For:
You know, formatting.

PS: If you need help regarding how to format Microsoft Word documents, check this out, and this


FlexEvent.UPDATE not being called on a non-declared item in the class, inside an overlay

I am trying to achieve a situation where I have two different views, one a panel, another an overlay. The panel calls a method in my component class ( which fires off an update of a list of items. These items are declared inside the component. The issue I’m having is that the event is not being fired when I click on a button inside the overlay (overlay.mxml). However, when I click directly on the list pane, the update method is called fine.
Can someone explain to me what I’m doing wrong?
Component Class

public function ListPane()

private var _items:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
public function set items(items:ArrayCollection)
_items = items;
//this.addEventListener(FlexEvent.UPDATE, onUpdate);

public function onUpdate(event:FlexEvent):void
var s:String = “new item”;
var node:Node = dataGrid.selectedItem;
//Add the new item to the ArrayCollection that is being set in the component
_items.addItemAt(s, node.dataProvider.length);


System Requirements:

OS: XP Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 Processors
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compliant graphics card (with 1 GB of RAM) or better
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Video: 1024 x 768 display resolution, 32-bit color, 16-bit depth, with Windows Media Video 9 (Windows XP SP2 and later) or Windows Media Audio (Windows Vista SP2 and