CSV is a popular file format that can store tabular data in a structured manner, which is fit for tables in spreadsheets or database contents. Notepad++ offers support for opening CSV files but manipulating data in a way similar to a dedicated CSV editor is not possible. Fortunately, this issue can be addressed using a simple plugin that goes by the name of CSV Query.
A built-in SQL query window in Notepad++
Installing CSV Query is extremely easy, as you just have to place the DLL file in the "Plugins" folder of Notepad++ and the editor detects it automatically, displaying it in the dedicated menu after restart.
The query window is only visible if you toggle it active. CSV Query parses the content of the CSV file in focus based on a separator. It can recognize quotes inside text prefix and comments, column types, as well as first-row headers. If automatic detection fails, you are prompted to customize these settings.
Uses the standard SQL syntax to run queries against CSV files
At first, CSV Query executes a simple SQL query to select all the data in the input file (SELECT * FROM this). You will notice that the data is then displayed as a table in the CSV Query window.
Provided you are familiar with the standard SQL syntax of SQLite, you can use CSV Query to execute all kinds of queries against the data in the CSV file. The reason that this is possible is that the CSV data is migrated to an in-memory SQLite or MSSQL database.
Execute SQL queries in Notepad++
If you store large data sets in CSV files, CSV Query can become a real asset. Not just that it enables you to view the data in an organized table, but it also allows you to execute SQL queries against the CSV database, extracting rows that match the criteria in the query.







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Complex Query: Build a complex SQL query against the stored CSV content
SQLite Query: Run a SQLite query against the CSV content
MSSQL Query: Run an MSSQL query against the CSV content
SQLite Query Wizard: Run an SQLite query against the CSV content
Import: Import CSV data in SQLite or MSSQL DBMS
Export: Export CSV data in SQLite or MSSQL DBMS

Custom Query: Customize the CSV query input to run

Additional Information:

Notepad++: Plugin Pack


CSV Query provides a CSV file parser and query engine that allows you to execute SQL queries against CSV files.
It is a plugin that uses the standard SQL syntax to run queries against CSV files.
It is easy to install and use.

Advantages of using CSV Query is that it enables you to run SQL queries against large databases of tables in CSV files.Identification of novel β-adrenergic receptor mutations in a patient with salt-sensitive hypertension.
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CSV Query Cracked Accounts supports two query modes: a simple one using the SELECT * FROM this syntax, and a more powerful one using a SQL syntax compatible with the one used in Notepad++. These two syntaxes are identical for simple queries.
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CSV Query With Serial Key

Install CSV Query and restart Notepad++

Open a CSV file

Toggle CSV Query to active

Set the separator to any csv-like character

Set the data type to text

Set the first-row headers

Include the selected separator in the header

Use custom SQL syntax with OR and ORDER BY

Execute SQL queries in Notepad++
CSV Query is already installed, it is just waiting for you to use it. It is fully compatible with Notepad++ and the available plugins.
If you don’t use a strong separator when opening the CSV file, you may want to change the separator to “|” or even more. In that case, simply highlight it and click on “Separator”.
Likewise, if you don’t have a way to set the first-row headers, select it and press “Insert separator”.
CSV Query supports OR and ORDER BY queries. Insert these clauses after the column names or use a regular expression to make the query more generic.
CSV Query takes the selected data and displays it as a table. The engine is optimized to get the result quickly. By default, the engine is disabled. You can enable it by selecting “Show engine” from the CSV Query options menu.
CSV Query supports an extensive query language for filtering rows.
When the query is executed the data is displayed in an ordered way. The rows will be added to the table in the order in which they match the criteria.
For this reason, you should always consider a “SELECT” as the first statement in a CSV Query query. The other operators like “OR” and “GROUP BY” act like a conditional where clause. They are enabled only if the WHERE condition exists.

CSV Query can be used to obtain the data in a table in the form of a CSV file. It allows you to execute queries against the data and extract the rows that match a set of conditions. The actual engine is SQLite in a lesser-known variant. You can import your CSV data directly into the SQLite table.
CSV Query is a simple but powerful plugin that adds a powerful tool to the repertoire of Notepad++. If you store tabular data in CSV files, this plugin will get you a long way towards exploring and manipulating your data in the same way as any professional tool or library.
Install CSV Query:

Save this notepad++ script as CSV

What’s New In CSV Query?

The description of each action is provided in the corresponding part of this article. The description should be useful for anyone having an interest in CSV Query.
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