DigitalWeb presents NetPatrol. The new way to increase your productivity, security and optimize network resources. With NetPatrol you can control your employees, kids and more!
DigitalWeb NetPatrol is the most advanced utility to monitor and control your network. Developed by the same creators of DigitalWeb InstallWizard. Everything is intuitive and easy to use. Now you can monitor, spy or know everything about the users in your network.
Netpatrol makes reports of all softwares running and everything that user typed in an application. You can grab screenshots of desktop and photos with webcam. It is possible to block applications, websites and more!







DigitalWeb NetPatrol X64 (2022)

Block programs, and web-sites
Ask the users for the login details
Videos can be password protected
Take screenshots
Access webcam
Find out if users are browsing a certain website
Control on-line movies
Block an application

The New DigitalWeb Bdsm Password can install on all Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
it is a freeware for all users.
You can download it, and use it permanently, free.
Furthermore, this is a very useful and detailed software with a big amount of features.

With the help of this application you can:
Monitor/View all Windows users keystrokes (press, clicks, etc.)
Monitor/View remote desktops
Send all keystrokes (press, clicks, etc.) to the server
Put on your web page/site a live chat/testosterone
Monitor/View all processes.
Monitor/View all registry/files modifications.
Get real-time Access Control List (ACL)
Get a Reverse Proxy with ACL (Access Control List)
Access remote systems without enabling Telnet
Quickly ‘probe’ a remote system to see if it has specific websites or not.
Send commands to remote systems (like ‘press F7 to close the window’ or ‘pause this computer for a given amount of time’).
Turn on your computer and know what is going on.
Get a detailed information of all programs running in the system.
and many more…

DigitalWeb Total Security Suite is a collection of protection and security tools that will enhance the functionality of your computer. We have tried to make the setup of the program very easy and allow you to easily configure the necessary features in your computer.

The goal of DigitalWeb Total Security Suite is to protect your computer from the most common threats to PC users. We have taken the existing tools of CyberArk Private Edition and merged them with several other tools.

This suite includes the following utilities:

Online Security Suite

With Online Security Suite you can run your own Web-based security lab. This is an easy and affordable way to test out your Web security solution in the real world. It provides a user-friendly interface to monitor, test, scan, simulate and manage web sites. You can even use our discovery module to test Windows applications and their vulnerabilities against your own web sites.


Webinlicator is a Web-based application that you can use

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Monitor, spy and take control of every computer and network device on your local network.
The ultimate tool for parents who need to keep a close eye on their children’s computer use.
Identify, control and block every application and website on a local network
Simple to use and install.
Monitor applications currently running on other computers
Fully customizable user interface.
Screenshots of the desktop and photos with webcam.
Easy to use tool for IT administrators, you can take control in one click.
Download and try!
NetPatrol FREE 15 day Trial version
Limited version able to monitor only one computer or device

LineageOS is an open-source operating system and community for smartphones and tablets based on the Android Open Source Project with additional modifications (such as those for LTE, WiFi direct, NFC, etc.) and supported by Android’s OpenCMS. It’s the best option to replace the default Android Operating System.

UFO Secure Player is the most advanced application, designed to monitor and control every activity that goes on on your smartphone or tablet. UFO Secure Player will monitor all incoming calls as well as SMS, e-mails, the media library as well as monitoring all calls to and from the smartphone, and even calls to your home and any other mobile phone, if you wish to do so.

The Blocklist allows you to add private websites to block, block download and access to certain URLs and even block your access to certain websites in the Chrome web browser.
You can block a website that you don’t want your child or your employees visiting and access to them is monitored and blocked as well. Other applications such as apps such as Skype, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp or Twitter can also be blocked and access to them is monitored and blocked.

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system. FreeBSD is especially well suited for servers and other kind of devices that require a very high level of stability. Using FreeBSD, you are free to customise your system to your needs. In the latest version it comes as a completely free operating system.

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• Spy other users -…

Free to try

Infill Patch Pack 1


From the developer:

Infill Patch Pack 1 is a set of free patch for Microsoft Windows based on project Infill.

Infill is a Linux based operating system aimed at non-computer users. Infill projects are designed to be easy to use and to prevent users from doing the wrong thing.

Infill Patch Pack 1 is a set of patches for Microsoft Windows based on Infill 1.6.0. The patchset is delivered in binary packages with some additional scripts to help you set up windows user accounts on your infill install.

To install, extract the infill package and run the setup script.

Quote: “…What it is not? It’s the kind of a tool which will be more useful in case of home user. Great feature is the ability to chose the language the whole program will be displayed in. I will definitely have to check when it will be available for win version. As the source code is available the author is probably able to provide a win version soon enough.” (emulated)

We put many of our patches on CNet, which is a reliable open source alternative to the “big 6”.

Infill is designed to be easy to use. Just click on the software icon and it will be started. You will be asked a question on what you want to do. Then it will be loaded. You can look around, try to see what you can do, and when it is working, just press Close and the program will be closed.

The Infill package is just the software part of Infill. You still need to install Infill onto a FAT disk.

A few minor features and bugs are still under development. If you find a problem with Infill, email us at or search the forum using the information at the top of the page

If you like the installer, feel free to download and try the Linux version, called “Openmyn”:

Now for the fun part: Try it and give us feedback!

We are not affiliated with Infill Software. We just like Infill. We try to translate the software into other languages and to submit the results to Infill Software. If you like this effort, we would like to continue for

What’s New in the DigitalWeb NetPatrol?

– See all data of all users
– Specify own settings and customize the reports
– Easy to configure and configure in seconds
– Send text, file and photo messages to users and email or SMS administrators
– Spy on e-mails, Skype, social networks, chat messages and more
– Content of messages, applications and webcam video can be captured
– Configure zones
– Block website
– Block applications
– Block IP
– Hotkeys: Ctrl + Alt + Del, F1, F2…
– Can be run in any language
– All functions are easy to use and unlimited
NetPatrol is free to use. It has no unnecessary additional sales, banner or popup ads.The invention relates to a composition and method of treatment of a material by corona discharge so that the material has substantially higher resistance to a corrosive agent (e.g., hot alkaline solution) than untreated corona discharge treated material.
Corona discharge is an energetic stream of electrons produced when a voltage is applied to a conductor, such as a material. Typically, a high potential, such as xcx9cxc2xd to 1.5 kV, is applied between two opposing electrodes, such as carbon rods, with the material under treatment being disposed between the rods. When so treated, the surface of the material becomes contaminated with a corona discharge product. The product of such a contamination is hydrocarbon or other organic molecules and polymers which bind with surface oxygen and/or hydroxyl groups. Depending on the nature of the material being treated, the contaminant can be a relatively persistent molecule.
A number of methods of removing corona discharge-contaminated products from the surface of a material have been proposed. For example, it has been suggested to immerse the material in a protective bath to prevent the migration of these products on the surface and to remove the contaminated material with a solvent. Another method involves scraping the contaminated material from the surface of the material in the form of a powder.
Both of these methods have a number of disadvantages. For example, the first method introduces a dangerous change in the electrical charge of the material, and requires a large volume of the contaminant-depleted bath. Since the bulk of the bath remains charged, the treated material must be quickly removed from the bath, before the bath itself is electrified. This is inconvenient for the user, and requires frequent attention of the technician to avoid discharge of the charged material. It would be desirable to

System Requirements For DigitalWeb NetPatrol:

To run, The Blacklist: Redemption requires:
Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® Server 2012, Windows® Server 2012 R2, Windows® Server 2016, or later. Mac® OS X version 10.9 or later.
2GB of available hard-disk space.
AMD 3.2 GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent multi-core CPU.
To play The Blacklist: Redemption, you will need:
Windows® 7, Windows