Morpheus is a lightweight and easy to use application that can perform fast proteomics database search, even for large human datasets.
Morpheus is designed for tandem mass spectra and high-resolution MS/MS. It enables you to customize the assumed precursor change states and adjust the mass tolerance levels.


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The PEAKS software suite comprises five software tools specifically designed to perform proteomics analysis.
PEAKS software suite is a comprehensive platform that accelerates the experimental data analysis while providing a unified programming environment for data processing.
The PEAKS software suite’s packages are designed to be used together and are…
Platforms: Mac, Windows

JASPER is a huge number of tools – which greatly increases the workload in the statistics. But the advantage is that they are made for the direct use by the scientists. At the moment JASPER provides all the components necessary for EMR on the web, and there is a new version of JASPER in the development phase, where it will be possible to make all the components of the package of JASPER with one click, so the JASPER will be perfectly integrated with MS Excel. So if you already have installed…
Platforms: Windows

PeptideSieve is a standalone open-source application. It implements various protein analysis methods. It is suitable for searching proteins in any type of proteomic projects. PeptideSieve includes several fast databases for peptide, protein, and proteoform identification, including UniProt, UniParc, RefSeq, RefPep.
The tool contains an embedded PCap module, which allows it to operate in batch mode.
Platforms: Windows

Search Proteomes is a peptide database application that enables your users to search the protein and peptide sequences stored on your server by assembling, parsing, comparing with, and searching text files containing peptide sequences. You can also batch upload files through the web-based interface, or through a command line or web script. Search Proteomes supports integration of the output of protein sequence identification tools such as…
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Mass spectra preprocessing

MSToF module allows the user to modify in details the Spectrum-to-Peaks
module where you can improve the initial spectra processing.

Raw data import

The raw data import allows you to import and import their formats.

Spectrum-to-Peaks optimization

It allows the user to load mass spectra, consider the precursor change states,
and get the m/z peak list. It can compute the precursor for each
multiplexed mass in the spectra, use the chosen search engine
to perform the database search.

MS/MS generation

The MS/MS generation allow you to export MS/MS spectra in the ProteomeXchange
standard format (XML, MS2XML, MSGF, xml, tsv, sif). With this module, you
will be able to save all the searched spectra to a database.

Spectrum-to-Peaks optimization:

Spectrum optimization:

Morpheus allows you to reorder the precursor scan (tru, mis) or to use any other, before any spectrum analysis and improvement:

For longer precursors, you can split the precursor to two with MassTool (an optional tool). And you can then consider this two mass fragment as one, if the precursor is far enough.

For shorter precursors, MassTool option can be used.

For better quality spectra, you can apply a rescaling tool, that will allow the user to rescale the spectrum to a given profile.

MS/MS optimization:

With Morpheus there are many possibilities to optimize the fragment m/z, spectrum or MS/MS spectra to enhance their quality. You can also validate and standardize your search results.

Spectrum optimization:

Spectrum optimization:

Morpheus is based on an algorithm that compare the “spectrum signature” of a known spectrum against a current one. It uses a modified version of Progenesis.


The Morpheus Tools are the core of the application. They are used by the user during the search:

The MassTools are used for the spectrum processing:

MassTools is a software and a number of software plugins for Morpheus.
It can process files directly or be used to optimize a spectrum for a database search with Morpheus


What’s New In Morpheus?

– Fast
– High performance
– Precursor change state is customizable
– Peptide search queries can be specified
– Wide variety of vendor and target search databases are supported
– All types of search engine databases can be searched
– Other techniques such as peptide mass fingerprint can be performed
– Run batch mode and execute jobs
– Can search for protein and modified protein, including phosphorylation, acetylation, ubiquitination, myristilation, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, *N*-glycosylation, deamidation, oxidation, cysteinylation, and biotinylation
– Customizable to perform either high-resolution MS/MS or tandem mass spectrometry
– Full functionality of the mass spectrum display is supported, including database search results, spectrum generation, and precursor and product ion spectra
– Compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux
– No dependencies
– Quick start tutorial
– Extremely easy to use
– Easy database installation
– Free to use
Download Morpheus

Change state to can_resolve_multiple_states

Using the precursor change state

Compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux

A tool for fast identification of bacterial proteins from MS-based proteomics data.
Proteotyper is a tool for the rapid identification of bacterial proteins from their tandem mass spectra (MS/MS spectra). The user need only submit the protein sequences/ID’s along with the tandem mass spectra to the server, which will report the search results back to the user’s email in the format of tables.
Proteotyper is designed for the

System Requirements:

Windows 7 64bit or later, Intel i3 or AMD equivalent
1280×720 HD resolution
HD DVI-D or HDMI display adapter (not included)
Core2Quad, Core2Extreme or Core i7-8xxx series
5.1 or higher surround sound, system sounds muted.