PyChart is a simple and handy application that was developed with the help of the Python programming language in order to help you create pie charts.
It’s development was driven by the need to visualize the answer to the perennial question “Who’s hogging the disk?”


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Create, modify and manage pie charts in seconds, without having to understand Python. No need for “drag and drop” to create pie charts: You just drag the points of the pie chart and set its radius.
Among the features:
Create pie charts easily and intuitively
The program is fully customizable:
· The center of the pie chart can be moved
· The outer radius can be modified
· The inner radius can be modified
· Dots can be aligned
· Dots can be invisible
· The color of the dots and the background can be modified
· The font of the dots and the background can be modified
· The size of the dots can be modified
· You can modify the transparency of the background and the color of the dots
· You can hide your mistakes
· You can display the pie chart in all screen sizes
· Your chart will be saved with your last settings
· You can check in your chart if the text of each sector is centered
You can learn more about this software at and
How to use the software:
Once you have downloaded the software in its complete version (zip file) you can run it by double-clicking the file located in the “Downloads” folder. The software will be in the beginning of your “Start Menu”. In this way you can use the software without the need for any installation.
We like to point out that the software comes with a user manual to help you understand the application.

PyQuest is a wonderful educational educational program for preschool children that helps them learn various concepts. This application will help your child to learn the different aspects of the world in which we live: numbers, colours, letters, shape, space, continents, countries, seasons, etc.
How does PyQuest work?
Each day, PyQuest will ask questions about the world in which we live. Your child will need to answer by clicking on the options.
Your child will be able to learn many aspects of the world and continue to progress each day.
What can PyQuest teach your child?
You can teach your child to:
► learn numbers: from 0 to 12+
► learn colors: red, blue, yellow, green, and black
► learn letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,

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It provides a menu format to browse the filesystem and find charts depicting which users have the most access to your disks.
The main features of this program:
? Support for common file systems such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and ext2/3
? Responsive chart creation based on available space on your disks
? Auto-generation of a series of pie charts based on your current usage
? The program uses the bibliographic toolkit Sofia in order to create pie charts.
You can also
? Search for files by name and extension (some unicode characters are supported)
? Make use of a history of your last chart creation
? Copy and paste to Excel
? Install on multiple computers by using PyChart Product Keys.apt
? Install in the context of an entire Linux system
? Support for linux quotas and policies
? Support for a specific partition and file systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext2/3)
? Creation of charts for FTP and HTTP servers
? The program also includes a set of useful scripts for the creation of automatic charts and can be used for online chart creation.
The tool also includes a menu format that lets you browse the filesystem and find pie charts depicting which users have the most access to your disks.
The names in the file systems list are not case sensitive.
The program uses a browser based configuration tool for mapping to disk sizes.
To create a chart, you need to identify a user and its group membership.
You can then select the name of the disk to be mapped to the pie charts.
If you want more space to be available for other users, you can give this user a higher priority by using the cmdline option.
This will be reflected by the pie chart sizes.
Calculating the percentage of total disk space used by users
Note: The pie chart scales were chosen to provide a simple representation of the various users and their percentage usage.
Calculation of disk usage is based on the amount of disk space reserved for each user and the total space available to each user.
As a result, each pie chart will report the number of slices used for each user, followed by the percentage of disk space used by that user and finally, the total percentage of available disk space.
After this, the program will present you with a pie chart overview of the disk usage on your system.
It will also indicate the percentage of disk space that is available for the selected user or

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PyChart is a tool that can help you to make beautiful pie charts in minutes, it is a simple application that is like a DVD menu in a modern film.
After installing, you can see the pie charts that appear with the right click on the mouse, as well as the possibility of creating and modifying them in several ways.
A few examples are:
The pie chart can be filled with a color or with an image. The pie chart can be rotated. The pie chart can be moved by the mouse or by the tick. Its axis can be set horizontally or vertically, depending on the application.
You can edit the data of the pie chart, delete a layer or more than one, add a layer to the pie chart, like a ticket database or another picture.
You can resize the pie chart, as well as change its appearance (display) or its theme (color of the legend, circles, and bars).
PyChart Features:
• There are a total of six pie charts
• This program is available in three languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish), each one with optional illustrations
• It has the possibility to fill a pie chart with a graphic image
• The resulting pie chart can be added to the image, so you can easily send it to a server, and make screenshots
• And much more!
The program is a single executable program that works on Windows XP, 2000 and later. This software is completely free to use for educational purposes.
You can download from this website:

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Python is a language for general-purpose programming. Many people use it

What’s New in the?

PyChart allows you to create pie charts using numerical data.
While pie charts are a common way of visualizing data, you can create different pie charts using different techniques.
Features of PyChart:
It makes no assumption about the type of data that you are providing.
If you want to represent a pie chart and use your own variables, you can.
PyChart is written in Python and it’s only a few lines of Python code.
Additional features:
PyChart can handle circular and nested arrangements of pie slices.
You can use your own text labels.
You can change the position of labels, you can use multiple labels and you can define a different colour for the labels.
You can change the size of the pie, you can use multiple pie slices in a pie and you can even change the colour of the text.
You can define an opacity and an optional rotation for each individual slice.
You can even draw an arrow at the edge of the pie.
If you do not want an arrow, you can draw a hollow circle around each slice.
The pie slices can also be included as a separate element.
Open source projects that we sponsor:
You can select any of the open source Python-based projects listed below.
These are all projects that we sponsor on SourceForge.
The code can be viewed, read and modified in a GUI-based editor called SourceForge’s
As of writing this article, the most popular project in this category was

PyAudio is a Python module that provides a unified API for audio input and output, sample rate conversion, streams, file I/O and wavetable synthesis.
Description of PyAudio:
PyAudio is an open source toolkit written in Python, which can be used to do audio, and other time-critical, real-time computation.
PyAudio is written in Python and is one of the most popular Python modules in use in some of the top companies in the US, as well as being used in several of the top universities in the world.
Having a platform that is Turing-complete allows it to be used as a scripting and command-line language for a wide variety of tasks.
Additional features:
PyAudio is freeware and is released under a BSD style license.
It is included in version 2.1.4 and later of Python.
It is easy to use and has a small footprint.
In most cases,

System Requirements For PyChart:

OS: Vista
Processor: 1.4 GHz (or faster)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
HDD: 600 MB available space
Additional Notes:
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