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This is a small application which checks every 10 minutes and automatically restarts the W3SVC NT Service, if it is not running. 
It is a new component of the W3W Web Publishing Solution for the NT Server. 
It has the following features:
– check the status of the W3SVC NT Service,
– check if the Main NT Service has crashed,
– check if the Crash Reporter is running,
– check if the Net Server service is running,
– check if the Net Server is logging the service crashes,
– restart the W3SVC service, if necessary,
– restart the W3SVC service, if necessary,
– show help.
You may use the above features, if you are using the NT-WebServer Solution, which has all these components implemented in one program. 

Running the service
To use the service, you must use the NT service name for the W3SVC service, e.g.
net start w3svc
The running w3svc service will be reported on the window and the service status will be checked every 10 minutes.
If no Net Server service has been started, the application will start the Net Server service.
If the Net Server service does not terminate after a crash, the application will restart it. 
If the Net Server service has already terminated for some other reason, the service will be restarted if required, and the application will show a message.
In this case, you should restart the Net Server service manually on the console, if possible.
I don’t know how to reset the monitoring interval in the application. 
If you need to set the interval different, use the -interval switch on the commandline.

Version 1.0
04.03.00, 18.03.00 (as of the W3W v4.02 Release)
was released with the following new features:
– show the process of the operation
– show the Net Server status
– accept parameters for the Net Server
– show the version of the application
– show the version of the NT service
– show the version of the computer

version 1.0.1
08.03.00 (as of the W3W v4.03 Release)
FIX: fixed a bug in the configuration files: it was impossible to store a blank value in a text file.


Service Watchdog Crack+

In this article, I will walk you through the creation of a simple SCO services application that will watch a service and restart it in case of problem. In this example, I created a simple SCO services application that will watch the App.config file and restart the IMS POP3 Server service in case of app.config changes. Just launch the ServiceWatchdog and you will see that it will restart the service for you.

Simple ServiceWatchdog Application

In this example, I created a simple SCO services application that will watch the App.config file and restart the IMS POP3 Server service in case of app.config changes. Just launch the ServiceWatchdog and you will see that it will restart the service for you.
Creating a Program

To use ServiceWatchdog, we first need to create a program to implement the ServiceWatchdog interface. Create a new C# Windows Forms Application project and right click and select Add, New Item.  From the Windows Form, Server or Console Item, select
Application and click Add.  Create a new class file in the same folder and enter the following code in the file:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.ServiceProcess;
using System.Threading;
using System.IO;

namespace AppWatchdog
public interface ServiceWatchdog
void ServiceStarted(string serviceName);
void ServiceStopped(string serviceName);

This is the interface that will be implemented by the ServiceWatchdog program.  Each time a service starts or stops, it will call the ServiceStarted or ServiceStopped methods, respectively. We will call these methods from the ServiceWatchdog in the next section. 
Restart Service

From the menu bar, select Debug, Start Without Debugging.  The default project should be set to the AppWatchdog project.
To restart the IMS POP3 Server service, enter the following code at the Main method:
static void Main()
ServiceWatchdog serviceWatchdog = new ServiceWatchdog();
serviceWatchdog.ServiceStarted += (sender, e) => restartService(sender, e, “IMSPOP3Service

Service Watchdog Crack + For Windows (Latest)

msdev,8/27/04 By: Jesse Mills
Version 1.0

This is a service watchdog program, and may not be the most reliable. The service that it is protecting may not be running at the time of the restart. The watchdog routine does not check the status of the service. It only checks the service to see if it is running. If the service is not running, it restarts it. You will probably need to run the service from the start menu to get it running.
The code below is in Visual C++ 6.0. It is not written or tested in any other environment.

#pragma comment(lib, “ws2_32.lib”)

#define CONFIG_FILE C:\\WWW\\TW1_WatchDog\watchdog.cfg
#define CONFIG_FILE_ENDL C:\\WWW\\TW1_WatchDog\\watchdog.cfg

DWORD WINAPI ServiceWatchdog(LPVOID lpParam);

void W3SVC_Main (HANDLE hInstance)
Config * config = (Config *)GetModuleHandle(L”Config.DLL”);

// Check Configuration File
FILE *ConfigFile = fopen(CONFIG_FILE, “r”);
if(ConfigFile == NULL)
Mem::cons(hInstance, “Config.DLL”, “Configuration Error.”);
Mem::cons(hInstance, “Config.DLL”, L”.\DLL is not installed.”);

What’s New In Service Watchdog?

This is a small program that checks every 10 minutes, and restarts an NT service, if needed.

You may also want to take a look at the built in Windows service that does the same thing, as well as some of the other posts here to keep things interesting.

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