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The Palette – Melody Composing Tool Product Key Full For Windows [2022-Latest]

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The Palette – Melody Composing Tool Crack Free [2022]

You can use any existing part of the song for the composition or create a new one.

The program is based on strict theory of melody composition.

The program implements all methods of motive development and the selection of the most commonly used chords.

In each lesson the user gets all necessary information about the process of melody creation.

The Palette – Melody Composing Tool Description:

User can create all kinds of melodies for a guitar or other instruments with the help of this tool.

The user may create a perfect new melody or at least try to achieve a large number of new melodies.

The user may import an existing melody (from the CD or youtube) into the tool.

The user may create a new melody from one or more motives

A motive is any element of a melody, such as a note, phrase, chord, etc.

The user can use any motive from an existing song, but the program has a lot of other possibilities to obtain some other motives.

In each lesson the user learns some new method of motive development, thus simplifying and efficient the creation of all kinds of melodies.

The user may create any kind of chords or melodies.

The user may use any chords from the collection of the piano.

The user may use any chords from the collection of a guitar.

The user may use any chords from any collection of chords.

The user may choose a type of arrangement of chord.

The user may choose both the type of the chord and the arrangement of the chord.

The user may choose between the tight and wide arrangement of the chord.

The user may choose between the flat and sharp 5th mode of the chord.

The user may choose to use the selected chord in any position.

The program may export any existing melody to a midi (*.mid) file.

After the import of the melody to the tool, the user can insert all melodies of the file to a drum kit, a synthesizer or a sequencer of his choice and sync all the files in order to create a complete tune.

The program has an option that exports the melody to a midi (*.mid) file. The exported file consists of three tracks: melody, chords, bass. You can import this file to any midi sequencer or style arranger to

The Palette – Melody Composing Tool Crack+ With Key [Updated]

-To compose a new melody of your own and to give it to your friends
-To compose a new melody is an enjoyable creative process
-To construct each motive from another motive
-To compose a new motive from the existing part of the melody
-To compose a melody with a sequenced structure
-To compose a melody structure
-To organize the melody structure in a monophonic manner
-To compose an automatic tune according to the melody structure
-To compose a melody by the sequential melody work FILED




Plaintiff – Appellant,

What’s New In?

The Palette (Greek word παλάτσια means a small palette) is a software for composing music. It will help you create melodic patterns for music composition. The Palette can convert any existing file (midi, wav or mp3) into a midi file, the instructions for the midi file are listed after the file.
The Palette Download Available for:
Microsoft Windows

To get the Palette for free click on the link below.

To download the software click here.


Microsoft Windows


Palette, Melody Composing Tool is an Windows software. It allows you to compose your new melodies with relatively little effort. The six steps of the program are listed below.

Step One: 1. Choose a general scheme for composing the melody.
1.1. You can also change the number of measures to compose, it is recommended to compose up to 10 measures.
1.2. The program allows you to choose a key to compose.
1.3. If you select a 2-measure scheme for composing, the Palette program composes the melody into 32 bars.
1.4. It is also possible to select a more complex scheme for composing, like a line or a set of chords.

Step Two: 2. Choose a motive.
2.1. You can choose any motive that you know from music. You can use the ones that you have created with other programs like Sibelius, Finale, Ableton Live or Pure Data.

Step Three: 3. Start the composition.
3.1. You can see how each movement is composed.
3.2. The program can suggest how your motive will fit in the melody.
3.3. You can also choose a scheme for the melody you have already composed.

System Requirements For The Palette – Melody Composing Tool:

– Windows: x86/x64 (minimum OS: Windows 7)
– OS: Windows 10
– Processor: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen R5 3500 (2.6GHz/3.4GHz) or equivalent
– Memory: 8GB RAM (16GB recommended for high-detail PC)
– Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD R9 270 or equivalent (2GB VRAM)
– Disk Space: 2.7GB available space on the main drive