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. I’ve been playing a version of Fibbage that’s been patched to remove the. Thanks for providing the fix.
[Fibbage 4]. The game is tied to the Fibbage 2 Hack 3.0 and does require it to run properly.
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date: 2019-07-08
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As it turns out, this is perfectly legal to redistribute.
The trainer files I downloaded, all included the original game, and the controls.
If the game is cracked, the original game is still in tact, and the game is fully functional.
I suspect that you simply have a cracked game on your PC.


It seems to be a Ren’Py emulator that is cracked.
There’s a list of cracked games on the Google drive site.

FFF Reflexive Arcade Games
FFF Reflexive Arcade Games 10th Anniversary Special
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FFF Reflexive Arcade Games 10th Anniversary
FFF Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Crack

Listed in the files were the files you needed to install the trainer for the game.


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