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The National Campaign Finance Reform Act of 1997 is an amendment to the United States Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 that was signed into law by the President Bill Clinton on September 26, 1997. The Act was in response to the efforts of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to decrease the political influence of large campaign contributors and political action committees (PACs). Prior to the enactment of this law, both money and broadcast time were the primary venues to express one’s political opinion. The Act reformed campaign finance by defining various types of campaign contributions, clarifying their appropriate use, and allowing certain types of expenditures.


Prior to the passage of the National Campaign Finance Reform Act, the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 was amended to allow interest groups, such as labor unions and business associations, to form political action committees. There were no requirements in place that prevented PACs from spending money on political activities. Other than legal activity, PACs were not subject to any oversight or reporting requirements of any kind. The amendment further allowed interest groups to form super PACs, which can be used for any type of political activity. Groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce were able to operate without reporting requirements.

In addition to the creation of super PACs, campaign finance reform was also implemented to decrease the influence of large campaign contributors and political action committees. In 1979, the S. 1555 bill was introduced to eliminate an exemption allowing large donors to match their employees’ contributions to candidates. Amendments were made to the bill in subsequent years. The Federal Election Commission was created in 1975 to enforce campaign finance laws. They investigated campaigns and were responsible for placing fines for the largest violations.

The original purposes of campaign finance reform were the desire to encourage small contributors to enter the political process. The law also hoped to prevent large donors from leveraging their finances to influence the outcome of elections. However, several loopholes were identified by critics of the new campaign finance laws. In addition to the loophole affecting political action committees, a clause in the bill allowed donors who wanted to remain anonymous to do so. Critics viewed the law as benefitting large donors while forcing smaller, average citizens to meet new financial requirements. It was estimated that in 2006, these laws would allow for donors to donate $360 billion and average citizens to donate about $50.



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It’s no secret that Uwe Boll is a name that could make a lot of people start to cry. Despite (or perhaps because of) his movies not being that good, he’s still gotten work to do and it’s been spread out over the years. First being a Director on the infamous “Death Race”. A disastrous film by most standards.

His next stop was the now famous “BloodRayne”. An action movie that was terrible. However it did get him a lot of attention for many reasons. One being: it did indeed make a lot of money, and it did so at the time when it released. And that’s what counts.

In 2010, he came out with “The Man With the Screaming Brain”, it wasn’t the most up to date movie on the market, nor was it much better than his previous movies. Despite that, it earned him a lot of attention (again).

Fast forwarding to 2011, and Uwe is doing some video blogging. The reasons for that should be obvious. In 2011, he released “House of the Dead 4”. It was released to much fanfare, and it actually did a lot of business. Not only that, but it got him the contract for a reboot of the “House of the Dead” franchise. And it’s, once again, another movie he’s not that great at making.

But you know what, he gets to make a new movie every year so he can just keep on collecting the money.

Moving forward to 2012, we have “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”. It’s a horror comedy, one that has some very odd humor. Unfortunately that’s not the only good thing about it.

Now people can argue that the success of a movie like that comes down



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