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Nov 26, 2019
How to print Adobe PDF (.pdf) using the Adobe Acrobat PDF Printer?
The steps are very similar to the steps that are required to print any other file using the Adobe Acrobat PDF Printer, with the addition of enabling or disabling the Advanced PDF Options.
5 steps
1.Open the document with Adobe Acrobat and choose File > Print.
2.Choose Adobe PDF from the printers menu.
3.Choose Adobe PDF from the advanced options.
4.After Adobe PDF Printer finishes creating the PDF file, open the document in Adobe Acrobat.
5.From the File menu, choose Print.
Jan 3, 2012
Adobe After Effects CS6 (2012 version)
You might want to print the ‘footer’ (the document footer information that includes, for example, copyright information, date information, watermark, etc) with your Adobe InDesign documents, but the process described here requires a lot of pages. The neat thing about it is that when you print your Adobe InDesign document, the footer information of every page is automatically included in your final printed document. Just select the “Print” option within the “Page Setup” dialogue, and choose the “Advanced” button.
The Advanced button (second image) opens a “Print Options” dialogue. From there, choose “Composite” from the list and activate the check box (third image). With this selection, you enable the “Document Footer” feature of InDesign.
It doesn’t matter if you’re printing simple black text on white paper or a complex logo with full color, the “Document Footer” function will print a temporary file automatically once when you start printing the document.
The file contains all the print job information (including the document creation time and date, print job name, total pages, etc) and is automatically included in your print job, but you need to manually include the document information in the body of your PDF file. The document information is compressed using a special bitstream (DCS), and this stream is embedded in every page of your document. The file size of the “Document Footer” information in the DCS bitstream is around 7,4KB.
I’ve already tried this technique, and it works really well for me.
Dec 24, 2018
Start InDesign
You should have the Process pane (or the Process dialog box) open on your desktop. If it’s not open,


Try to install Adobe PDF printer.
Nov 1, 2021
Group Policy settings are useful for managing enterprise level technologies, especially around deploying Adobe Printing.
Q & A Section
How to solve the error : Adobe Reader cannot open this file?
I’m getting following error message:

Adobe Acrobat DC cannot find the requested file, on opening a PDF file
The given file is the Adobe PDF Document and it is in the current directory.
Expected file is x64.dmg, x86.dmg or a part of Portable Document Format. But the application cannot find it.
My system is Windows 10, Adobe Acrobat DC is already installed.

How to solve the error?
Error Document Templates

How to troubleshoot:
Get to know what is under the hood.

The following table shows the supported error and what is available for the file.
Dec 27, 2019
How to solve PDF printing error :
Printer connection error :

You are not connected to the printer.

The network printer is not accessible.
The network printer is not reachable.

You need to connect to the printer.

You need to configure the connection to the network printer.

You need to update the printer.

You need to install a printer driver.

The printer is unable to connect to the network.

Make sure the network printer is connected to the computer.
Check the network settings of the computer.
Check the firewall settings.
Make sure there is a driver for the printer.

Fixing issues with the printer driver:
Try updating the printer driver.

View the device’s properties.

Find the printer’s driver.

Open the file in the file manager.

Find out the location of the executable file.

Run the file.

Open the file with an archive utility.

Install the file and restart the computer.

Providing the model number of the printer.

Restart the computer.

Try to reinstall the Adobe Acrobat DC.

Run the following commands.

Check the version of the Adobe Acrobat DC.

Stop the application, restart the computer, and start the application.

Delete the Adobe Acrobat DC folder.

Check the update options of the application.

Choose Adobe PDF printer.
Under Options