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IncrediMail 2 has support for POP3, IMAP, SMTP mail servers, news groups, real-time email, and RSS feeds. It’s built with security in mind, and can be used to access your email from home or the office. Its web interface can be used to check email from any web browser, and you can access your email from a PDA, mobile phone, or any other compatible device via your PC or Mac. After downloading, you can have your new email “clicked” instantly with your computer or on-line with a connection to your Microsoft Exchange Server.
For the full version, learn more. This package gives you 7 days of free trial.
. All interfaces have been re-designed to be easier to use and quicker for loading, especially the Windows V6.1.x interface. IncrediMail now comes in two versions with different interfaces: the standard IncrediMail (which only runs on Windows) and IncrediMail XP.
Downloaded the trial edition, but not sure whether to install it? Just download the trial edition, and run the installer.
Upgrading to a paid edition? Just run the upgrade program.
Got a pro edition, but want to use it on a PC or Mac that doesn’t support the full interface? Just download the portable edition.
Free Technical Support. If you experience any difficulties, IncrediMail 2 Premium Technical Support will help. You can contact the Support Team by phone, email or Live Chat.
Full featured? IncrediMail 2 Platinum full features your PC or Mac to send and receive emails.
PC exclusive. IncrediMail 2 Platinum is only for use on a PC, Macintosh or compatible device.
Available for free to Business and Education. IncrediMail 2 Platinum is for Business and Education use only. All clients are licensed to use clients for Business or Education use.
7 days.
Standard, optional installation.
Try before you buy. The trial edition is fully functional and can be used for 7 days. You can extend the trial period to 30 days if you wish.

Welcome to IncrediMail.

Incredimail 2 Platinum Premium V6.1.4 [Portable] Setup


Category:Pascal software
wgrant, you saw my upload of unzip?
So are you going to make some use of it?
NCommander: I was looking for it in the nightlies, but can’t see it anywhere.
wgrant, you wanna do some Chinese? 🙂
Or, I need to learn Chinese
And I need some code to do it
NCommander: It wasn’t in the unzips?
No, and the configure failed
And I can’t get it to configure cleanly now
But if someone has a configure that works, I’ll take it 🙂
And I can write it in Chinese 😉
I have some version in my unzips, but there’s no such thing in the unzips-i386 or zips-amd64.
But the binaries show up in the zips.
wgrant, I uploaded it to lp
But I can’t get it to take
I can do it again if you want
NCommander: It’s being built on i386.
Which is probably why it didn’t show up in the unzips.
As in arch: all is being built for all-guts?
* NCommander returns to the warm embrace of i386
wgrant, can I get you to test an upload against your PPA?
NCommander: Yep.
wgrant, the build itself is failing, but the build log seems fairly normal
wgrant, would you like me to test it on lpia?
I’d need to get a little more time to work