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PWA – How can I work as an independent freelancer while having a PWA?

I am running a couple of websites with WordPress. I have around 800 visitors a month with at least 100 paying subscribers. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to monetize them, not because of lack of visitors, but because of WordPress’s ads and ThemeForest’s plagiarism issues.
I have been working on a PWA (and SSL) for one of my websites for about 10 months now, and I am close to launching it. Right now, I charge for hosting and an hour of consulting per week.
My question is: How can I work as an independent freelancer while having a PWA?
I have tried Searchkick, but I am not able to get my hands on SSL/TLS certificates or configurations for the search engine providers. So I have been trying to sell services like web page optimization and login/registration flow cleanup and design.
Do you have any recommendations? The only one that I found was a StartApp (I think), that offers a tool for freelancers to send proposals and receive work. But it seems pretty low-level, with no connection to actual clients or the people behind the website and no way to communicate directly with them.


Got this article on Medium by the main author of the project. I hope this helps as it explains many topics about the new world of PWAs:

Many of you might have heard of a recent project by the name of Storybird, and if not, I’d recommend you take a look at their design and check out their site.


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