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Act of War: Gold Edition [5.55 GB] (2015) Adventure Park [2014] – Batman Arkham Knight Update 2 Official Patch (823mb) [823,31 Mb] (2015) – Batman Arkham . ;

Act of War Gold Edition [5,55 Gb] (2015) Adventure Park [2014] – Batman Arkham Knight Update 2 Official Patch (823mb) [823,31 Mb] (2015) – Batman Arkham Knight Update 2 Official Patch (823mb) [823,31 Mb] (2015) – Batman Arkham . ;Q:

How to combine two dictionary into one

I am working on a project where i have given a task to find the most common item in a set of set of items.
what i have is two dictionaries
one containing the items
value = [(‘Apple’, 97),(‘Banana’, 97)]

while the other containing the number of votes per item
count = [(‘Banana’, 4), (‘Apple’, 4)]

what i am trying to do is create a new dictionary that combines both the value and count dictionaries into one dict
desired_dict = {‘Apple’:(97,4), ‘Banana’:(97,4)}

I know i can use zip and dict to create a single dictionary, however i am not sure how to create the counting of a dict


I would do it like this.
import collections
value = [‘Apple’, ‘Banana’]
count = collections.Counter(value)

print dict(
value + [(”, count.get(item, 0)) for item in value]

It’s a bit messy, but I think it does what you’re looking for.
Counter is a function from collections: Counter()

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