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The Unna boot therapy is one of the main modes of therapy for the amputation stump and is widely practiced in primary healthcare in The Netherlands. However, in the Netherlands there are no regulations for treatment with Unna boots. This paper describes the treatment practice of this mode of therapy in The Netherlands. The main aim is to gain insight into the way in which Unna boots are used in practice. In 2005, a postal survey was carried out to gain more insight into the way in which Unna boots are being used and the knowledge of Unna therapy. The responses of 110 practitioners indicate a wide range of practices. The most common practices are: the pulse of the amputation stump should be registered; the temperature of the stump should not be measured; there should be no active treatment for the stump; the stump should be wrapped; and Unna boots should be used continuously for a longer time than is generally recommended. Although guidelines about the use of Unna boots are included in the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment’s manual of therapeutic procedures, there is little awareness of these guidelines in practice.Q:

What will happen if we don’t stop eating meat?

I had heard that if the world’s vegetarians and vegans (or animal rights activists) succeed in forcing the world’s governments to go meatless or vegan, within a few decades the impact on Earth’s resources will be devastating, but I haven’t been able to find corroboration for this anywhere.
Is there any good evidence that, if we don’t stop eating meat (and if we adopt a less intensive style of farming, i.e. not treating animals like they’re nearly human), then it will have a devastating impact on the Earth’s resources?


It doesn’t seem to be as dire as you claim. In fact, meat production is not a significant problem for the world’s ecosystems. The claim that meat production could be as bad as water pollution and air pollution is a false one; excessive meat production is not happening at any significant scale, especially when compared to other sectors of the economy.
Meat production is a net positive for the world’s ecosystems, in part due to its being part of modern diets. The planet is happy to take us eating meat if we’ll eat veggies and grains