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Download Map Fight Of Characters 9.9 | Added By Users Hit

What is new in official Path of Exile changelog:


Display the path active quivers in the scrollbar, up to the first octave and five quivers, with a triangle to move to an octave, and a diamond to move a whole octave


The final change we’ve made before 2.3.0 is a generic update that adds many small tweaks to the UI. They include:

When in the shop view, you can use the arrow keys to navigate the details of the item you’re looking at

There’s a new button for moving through maps directly to your party

Added a tooltip to indicate the number of gems in a socket

Tweaked the bank interface to add a note with the premium currency the player currently has

You can now tap the message window to click links in the chat messages


New ambient sounds added that set the mood when entering zones and maps, and during boss fights

The new item “shield of the arch-demons” replaces “void-essence” as the best supporting item to have with a Scion of the Legion

The “bloodsteal” option in the Ardent sets the target to steal your blood, rather than your mana.

Added and re-tuned many monster music tracks


Fix for the “needle of cadaver”, a random item that floats through the air and decays

Fix for “porcupine of quills” and “poisoned shank”, which do not properly start consuming poison

Fix for a bug that allowed items to “disappear” when player looked at them with 1 item in hand, then removed that item

Fix for a rare bug that prevented message windows from always appearing

Fix for a bug that caused some AI to not target enemies on low health

There are many more fixes listed in our changelog:


There is a new thread for looking at these:


In the last 24 hours, we’ve had a lot of reports of people unable to access the launcher.

There is a known issue

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