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First click fails to open app in for iOS 7

I have an application that gets launched on the first click or else starts the application using a URL.
I have no issue when running on iOS 7, but once I upgrade to iOS 8 or iOS 9, the application is not launched on the first click, and opens the app using a url after clicking.
The difference I can see is that iOS 8 launches the application using the URL through application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation:completionHandler instead of application:openURL:sourceApplication:options:completionHandler
As the documentation states the launch screen will be launched on the first click and won’t show up anymore once the application is loaded from a URL.
Is there a way to force the first click to open the app?
If this is not possible, can you advise on how to open the app from a URL?


This has been a recurring issue on iOS 7 after upgrading to iOS 8. You should disable the app that is launching and then launch the app from the App Store. You will then see the First Click problem.
As I found on the AppStore the App that launched is listed here:

Settings > General > Restrictions

As you can see, the Prevent the first-time

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