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How to pass multiple tables instead of one as a parameter to a stored procedure?

I have a stored procedure with the following input parameter.
create procedure [dbo].[Employee_Add]
@EmployeeID nvarchar(256),
@DepartmentID nvarchar(256) = 0

How can I pass multiple tables in this parameter instead of one?


Try this:
DECLARE @tabs AS TABLE(tabname varchar(100))

INSERT INTO @tabs VALUES(‘Table1’)
INSERT INTO @tabs VALUES(‘Table2’)

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Employee_Add]
@EmployeeID nvarchar(256),
@DepartmentID nvarchar(256) = 0


EXECUTE Employee_Add @EmployeeID = ‘123’, @DepartmentID = ‘456’

You should have a look at this well explicitely and in more detail


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