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If I am not wrong all the files name are start with “.And some thing.mp3”
So I am assuming the separator is also the last. character so you can just use substr.

[Clinical and angiographic criteria and follow-up: the endovascular treatment of embolic stroke].
The introduction of endovascular techniques for cerebral ischemic stroke has brought new therapeutic approaches. The goal of the study is to know the usefulness of angiography (CT and DSA) and clinical and laboratory data for the selection of embolic stroke patients. Results: The inclusion criterion was: embolic stroke which was confirmed by angiography; and exclusion criteria: stroke due to atrial fibrillation; malign neoplasias; pregnancy; dementia; alcoholism; and non-stroke neurologic conditions. The follow-up was performed within the first month and at six months. The therapeutic technique employed was endovascular. Patients were submitted to angiography prior to treatment; treatment was made based on the angiographic findings. 29 patients were included and treated. Mean age was 67.1 +/- 11 years; stroke was in the ICA territory in 75.8% of the cases, in the MCA territory in 15.6% and in the posterior circulation territory in 8.4%; 59.5% of patients showed leukoaraiosis; and 35% showed asymptomatic atrial fibrillation. Treatment included: carotid endarterectomy in 7 cases, carotid stenting in 20 cases and carotid artery stenting plus stent-assisted angioplasty of the M2 segment of the MCA in 2 cases. Two cases were treated as occlusion of the M2 segment of the MCA, 2 cases as occlusion of the M2 segment of the MCA plus stent-assisted angioplasty of the ICA and 5 cases were treated as stenting of the ICA. Mortality was 4.5%. At six months, death and stroke occurred in 3 and 1 cases respectively; only the risk factor was a factor for deaths. Mortality was significantly higher in patients with leukoaraiosis

After loading » Install – extracontract. exe« extension, the
Click here to download LUXONIX v1.3.6-d33p57a7u5 :
finally all is well and I hope it will work out. I will keep you posted.
I play on Win 10 and all I get is a black screen after loading » Install – extracontract. exe« extension. The reasons for it is because you are running WINDOWS 7. As a result, all the installed plugins and database are incompatible and after loading a brand new game, it won’t work. Hence you cannot play it.
BLC is not compatible with Windows 7. I had the same problem but with Windows XP. The reason is that it installs a version of Luxonix similar to older versions of the game.
You need a version of Luxonix, which is compatible with Windows XP. I also recommend installing Luxonix through it’s CAB file instead of installing directly from an exe file.
Here’s the installation link
I am not posting a direct link to download luxonix because I’m not sure if the link won’t work.
Download Luxonix through it’s CAB file, copy the contents of the install folder and paste it in BLC’s data folder.
I hope this will help you out.
I found another way to install Luxonix without patching. I downloaded the CAB file from Luxonix and then I created a folder in my BLC folder (even if the CAB file is in the other folder).
Once I installed the CAB file, the install routine started. I installed it’s corresponding version for Windows 7 from the first time and it worked fine.
Let me know if it works for you.
Thanks to Rocco, for checking the original version of Luxonix and for giving me the exe fix. I am glad I asked.
If this is the first time you are installing Luxonix, I suggest you first check if your computer is compatible with the game. Here’s a link :
I am sure that after installing the Luxonix, you should be able to play the