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Codecanyon Android Apps Nulled Theme

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The app was released to Android PlayStore and it is a nulled app, it is not directly available to download, when you install the app, the APK will be downloaded on your device and it will be deleted from your device after that.
You can download the APK from PlayStore and install it, or you can search the keyword from Android App Extractor to search for the APK file. The link to the APK file can be found from the code in source.xml file.
The filename of the APK file is smartclown-cast-plus-v2.5.apk
The code in the source.xml file shows that the APK was designed by Porto Studio. The person who designed and developed the app is Sanu Muhammad from the company name:

You can find more information about the APK file from Android App Extractor.

More information about the nulled app
The developer’s contact page shows that the author of the APK is Toni Salama. According to his profile page on LinkedIn, he works as Software Developer at.

Android App Store nulled apps

Dev Website
Google Play Store

I have not found the app on the Google Play Store, instead you can find the app on the Android App Store. From the screen shots, it seems like this app is in beta testing so it might not have been approved by Google Play Store.
According to the Play Store Developer Policy, it says:

Apps that are not optimized for Play Store-provided experiences or device attributes will be rejected.

Nulled and beta versions of apps are excluded from Play Store.

Before you submit your application to the Play Store, you need to identify your application as an alpha, beta, canary, dev, or prerelease build.
Alpha Apps: These applications are in pre-release stages of development and are excluded from the app approval process.
Beta Apps: Beta builds are excluded from the app approval process, but the app can be installed on devices that meet the app’s compatibility and security requirements.

If you want to learn how to submit your own app to the Play Store, I would refer you to the Play Store Developer Documentation.

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