Download Film Rhoma Irama Camelia


Download Film Rhoma Irama Camelia


Everybody wants to be a success. Everyone wants their name to be known by someone, to be loved by somebody and respected. In true love, there is no division between near and far, and we realise that the greatest love does not make the object of love and oneself of one’s love: it is the love of the love that is the true bride of true love. Love is not something a person must hope for, but something they cannot fail to receive. (de Artea, 1975)

The quintessence of love is to fall in love. And since love does not have its home in the individual, nor in the person whom we love; and since love is a sentiment, a form of behaviour, a type of relationship, and a state; we must say, not that love has its place somewhere, and that to love is to have this place, but that love has no place; love does not see its place, love does not ask for its place, love does not seek its place. (St. John of the Cross, Meditation on the Seven Sorrows)

Love does not take, but does give. A chain is formed with the help of the key by which it is opened. (Seneca, Ep. LXV)

In the love of friendship, there is no difference. (Seneca, Ep. XLI)

Love is not commonly looked for. It is, on the other hand, as a matter of fact, a thing that happens to you; it is a chance encounter, it is an encounter in search of a bride. Love takes place, not when you wait for it, but when you desire it. This is the secret; it is love that makes all things possible. (Augustine, Confessions)

It is better to be much loved than little loved. (Seneca, Ep. XX)

Nobody is hurt by the fire that burns him, except by the fire that is too much loved. (Seneca, Ep. XX)

Nobody who is loved suffers. He enjoys what he has. (Seneca, Ep. LXXX)

I will tell you this, that you never spend more than you have, but you always have more than you spend. (Epictetus)

It is written in the Book of Solomon that no one can meet with success except the person who has knowledge of how to love and has mastery of his desires, who has taken

Rhoma Irama or better known as Rhoma Irama (born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, ) is an Indonesian pop singer.. He has also built his career on the film industry. In 1978, he founded his own record company, Rhoma Irama… When his life was in danger after allegations that he had molested a girl in a public toilet, he went into hiding to prepare a comeback.. where he recorded a duet with.Download Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia, Rhoma Irama Camelia – Camelia (Rhoma Irama) OST, Falcon, 04:00, PT4M, 5.49 MB, 523304, 1527, 191 .
Download Camelia Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia Mel -   Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 [Tamil] Camelia Mp3, Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 [Eng] Camelia Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 [Sanskrit] Camelia Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 [Urdu] Camelia Mp3 Rhoma Irama Camelia Mp3 [Trie].
. Sherina / Rhoma Irama: I always had a dream of being a pop singer. The film Rhoma Irama starring .
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