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The present invention relates generally to a fabric identification system and, more particularly, to a system for identifying a fabric by the reaction of a radio frequency/microwave signal, radiated from a remote radio frequency sensor antenna in the form of a loop, to the fabric.
2. Description of the Prior Art
This invention relates to systems used to identify various fabrics used in fashion and textile fabric identification. Most of the prior art relates to identification using chemical and/or optical means, e.g. color, fluorescence, embedded micro-filament yarns, etc. In order to identify fabrics using these methods, the construction of the fabric must be altered or the product can be subjected to special treatments such that the desired properties are created.
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Prior Art
Identifying fabrics has been a problem to the textile industry for years. Identification of a fabric using known and conventional identification means, i.e. embedded micro-filament yarns, fluorescent dyes, etc., can severely diminish the usefulness and integrity of the textile product. Most desirable fabrics are made by the weaving and knitting processes that require the tiniest detail in the construction of the fabric to insure that it will perform for its intended purpose.
Accordingly, there is a need for a system that can identify a fabric rapidly and efficiently. Known radio frequency identification of fabrics is not rapid and can only be performed when access to the product is possible, i.e. at the factory when the product is being made. The prior art optical and chemical identification means are not efficient in that they require a