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Pelicula taboo 4 subtitulada[Myxedematous elephantiasis of the right thigh. Report of a case].
A case of elephantiasis of the right thigh is presented. The diagnosis is based on a clinical and radiological picture and confirmed histopathologically. Our observation was carried out on a 63 years old male. The patient had an acute onset of a nodular rash of the right thigh. The lesions had first appeared on the perineal area and moved towards the right thigh. A few weeks later an erythematous area covered the entire upper half of the right thigh and the volume of the affected tissue was increasing. Radiographs revealed solid tumoral masses measuring about 7 cm deep and with irregular borders. They were located in the gluteal subcutaneous tissue. Histological examination of the biopsied lesion showed fibrous thickening of the deep dermis. Elastic fibers disappeared in the vicinity of dilated capillaries and in perivascular areas and collagen fibers were less prominent.Image: Juhani Asko

A powerful malware has been discovered in the wild targeting the antivirus software of users worldwide.

The software, which was installed onto users’ computers in an attempt to generate ad-cash, is said to have been created by a group of Russian cybercriminals that specialize in financial gain of various kinds.

The malware, which is named Husky, was discovered by the security firm Check Point, a division of the Israeli cybersecurity giant Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

It reportedly attacks individual antivirus software installed on end-users’ computers, but was also detected on Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

In addition to latching onto the antivirus software, the malware also relies on a memory scraper that mines the BitDefender Trial version of the user’s antivirus software in order to obtain certain information such as the user’s account and email address, version number and other information.

The program then communicates back to the hacker’s command and control (C&C) server to receive instructions for the next step.

Once installed, Husky is executed in the background to scan the end-users’ computers for active connections and IP addresses, as well as for any data that it can steal from the compromised antivirus software.

Image: Juhani Asko

Not only does the malware modify the registry, but it can also add new custom website shortcuts into users’ browsers