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It is well established that patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus have higher blood pressure than the general population. As patients with diabetic kidney disease are more prone to suffer from kidney failure and cardiovascular events, it is important to evaluate the blood pressure response on treatment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the blood pressure response on treatment of type 2 diabetic patients with diabetic kidney disease. A total of 65 diabetic kidney disease patients were recruited. They were randomized into 4 groups and treated with ramipril, irbesartan, valsartan, and enalapril as a single agent. The blood pressure response was evaluated at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks with use of the ambulatory blood pressure measurement. Compared to the baseline, all treatment groups showed significant decreases in blood pressure, with most subjects achieving blood pressure below 140/90 mm Hg. The response to ramipril and irbesartan was significantly better than that to valsartan and enalapril. Irbesartan had the best efficacy among the four drugs, followed by valsartan and then enalapril. The ambulatory blood pressure measurements indicated that the average time spent with the target blood pressure during the 12-hour day was 8.2 hours for irbesartan, 6.0 hours for valsartan, and only 5.2 hours for enalapril. Patients with diabetic kidney disease need blood pressure control to prevent the progression of kidney damage. Irbesartan and valsartan had a better efficacy than enalapril in terms of reaching the target blood pressure of Computer simulation of liquid-solid interface: a lattice model approach.
A simple-to-implement, two-dimensional, lattice model is employed to simulate the influence of viscoelastic flow on the freezing of a concentrated

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With the advance of the technology, an engine is now being used with an increased speed in order to improve the drive power, which causes the flow of the lubricating oil to increase. In response to this, a lubricating oil reservoir for the engine is often mounted on a crank shaft or a cam shaft. The lubricating oil reservoir is sealed in a crank case which is generally made of a metal case or a composite resin case which is integrally molded. With this, the sealed lubricating oil reservoir has been improved so as to make its capacity larger.
However, as the capacity of the reservoir increases, a problem of the oil leaking from the reservoir has occurred. This has a bad influence in particular on the durability of the reservoir. Therefore, in order to prevent the oil leaking from the reservoir, there has been proposed a conventional sealed lubricating oil reservoir which is disclosed, for instance, in Japanese Patent Publication No. 60-10987.
As shown in FIG. 1, this reservoir has a generally tubular cylinder 1, a piston 2 which is inserted into the cylinder 1, a spring 3 which is compressed between the cylinder 1 and the piston 2, and a case 4 which has a bottom wall 4a and side walls 4b opposed to each other and is formed in a generally cylindrical shape. The case 4 is integrally molded, and therefore the bottom wall 4a and the side walls 4b are integrally molded with the case 4. The case 4 is formed with a chamber 5 which is defined by the bottom wall 4a, the side walls 4b and the piston 2 and has the groove 6 extending along the bottom wall 4a. The chamber 5 is filled with the lubricating oil. This chamber 5 includes the groove 6 which has a bottom end 7 so that the lubricating oil filled in the chamber 5 can be returned to the reservoir. The thickness of the bottom wall 4a on which the groove 6 is formed is larger than that of the bottom end 7 of the groove 6. Thus, the bottom wall 4a prevents the oil in the chamber 5 from leaking from the bottom end 7 of the groove 6.
The lubric