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How to do jobs without bot depending on others tasks

How to do jobs without bot depending on others tasks
There are 2 types of tasks:


Normal is the task that has to be done by human.
Hot is the task that can be done by bot if there is a pre-setup at least.

What I need is if i have to run “Hot”

Check whether the workers has enough pre-setup
if the answer is “yes”, run the “hot” task

What i have done so far is
Checking the list of workers has enough setup and run the task
The code is:
var worker= mongoose.connection.db.Workers.findOne({“_id”:id}).populate(‘server’, ‘username’, ‘password’)

var hotCheck=[]
worker.findOne({“workflow”:workflow, “queue_type”:”Hot”}).exec(function(err,worker){
return “worker not found”

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