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Yvonne Am See

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Yvonne Am See is a pretty blonde from Germany, who gained fame since the year 2015 when she was discovered in the naturist area of a nude swimming resort in.
Yvonne Am See was awarded with the title of Miss Bratislava .
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Can a 10Amp circuit run on 200mA?

If you run a 10 Amp circuit on a 200mA output can you damage your components?


First of all 10A is about 100A rms, and 200mA is about 1A rms. So that 10A is from the highest voltage peak to the bottom of the curve, which means if you compare rms currents it is a waste of power to have that much current at the peak, so you want to maximize the sine wave of the current. Now, the current may look like that if the circuit is really nice for example if the 200mA comes from the output of a bridge rectifier.
At the other extreme, let’s say your components have a very high internal resistance and the resistance of the wire in that circuit is very low such that it looks like a low impedance source, as @Willk mentioned.
In the first case, if you are worried about drawing more current than the circuit can tolerate, and in the latter case, you have to worry about the energy dissipated by the large volt drop, you can make it a bit more robust by connecting a resistance in series, or using a voltage limiter (such as the one mentioned in @Willk’s comment), or maybe a fuse.

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