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Category:1981 novelsAn off-duty County policeman who admitted to a woman that he is “another’s” husband has been charged with voyeurism.

Denis Fernando Thypin, 38, of Llanfyllin, was sitting on a bench watching the 22-year-old woman make a purchase on December 1 this year when he pulled her over and told her he was “another’s” husband.

“He admitted he was making out with somebody else’s wife and showed us proof,” said Detective Constable Craig James of the Mountaineer Mountain Rescue Team who investigated the case.

As the woman drove away, the suspect leant into her car, put the bonnet of her car up and began taking photographs with his iPhone, Detective Constable James revealed.

The Mountaineer Mountain Rescue Team, a charity that trains volunteers to search for people in distress, launched its citizen-led search and rescue (SAR) operation on Mount Snowdon in North Wales on December 11 this year.

During the mission in the Welsh mountain, where up to 200 people died in a flash flood in 2009, volunteers said they found numerous people who had been in distress and passed out in a tent, unable to get warm in freezing conditions.

The case against Thypin follows the team’s investigation into the disappearance of two victims after an inmate’s cell light was left on when he was being transferred from Lancaster prison to HMP Wakefield, Detective Constable James explained.

Another inmate – who has been given the pseudonym Phil Buckle – gave a full confession to the probe, admitting to digging in waste and using a handkerchief to keep his hands warm as he waited for his transfer to take place. He also told the team he had used the same method for the previous two nights.

The team decided to interview Thypin for his alibi.

The latter, who is married and the father of a one-year-old boy, said he was waiting for his wife to finish her shift at his motor repair shop when he started chatting to a woman in the car park.

Thypin told the team that the woman flashed her light at him and he thought the woman was “other’s” wife.

He said he took her phone number but she refused

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