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If you have an enterprise network license that you purchased from the Web, this should be added to the License Manager as a Managed License. There is a button at the bottom of the screen that says “add managed license”.
I’m assuming you have this since you say you already installed Matlab via the installer.


How to match list item and list item in same class within the same class

Let’s assume we have this:

There are two classes which have different id, but both of them have the same class name. How can I match them using jquery?
Let me explain the problem further, I’m writing a simple logger app where I use jquery plugin jselect2.
The problem with jselect2 is it has the option to configure what would be the afterSelect callback. The one I used is called compile:
afterSelect: function(data){
console.log(“myText1: ” +data.selected.text);
console.log(“myText2: ” +data.selected2.text);

myText1 is returning null for some reason while myText2 is returning the correct text.


You need to use find() as your jQuery selector.
// This will return any matching tag that has both classes.

If you really want to search them all, then use.filter() but I would recommend using.find() as you can do more with it.


MATLAB License Tools. MATLAB license file and file installation key. 3 .
Jul 16, 2018
Hi, I am using the ‘MATLAB License Tools’ to convert my individual license from an Academic to a Standalone licence. When I open the license information file, the license activation button is greyed out. Any suggestions ? (Thanks) ?  .
Hi, in Matlab 2016b I followed these instructions to install a standalone license for a non-network license: It has worked fine for awhile, but recently it can’t activate the license. .
Jul 7, 2018
I just installed a standalone license in matlab 2016b with these instructions: Now, matlab is not able to activate the license. I tried restarting my Mac, but it did not work. Any suggestions, or do I have to uninstall matlab completely ?  .
Using the MATLAB License Tools  , I generated a license file, saved it as standalone.mat, and copied it to the home folder of a normal user account on my computer. This did not work. The errors indicate that the standalone license file does not have any content. It is blank. There is no license key or license file or FIK included in the file. This is the complete error message: “Matlab can’t activate your license. It is either not activated, .
How to Make Matlab Standalone Licenses for Non-Network Installs. A common question on Stack Overflow is How to make Matlab .
Aug 29, 2015
I’ve created standalone Matlab licences for non-network Matlab installs for a number of customers. I haven’t had any problems with them as long as you follow the instructions in How to Make Matlab Standalone Licenses for Non-Network Installs.  Otherwise, if I run into a problem, I use the instructions above in this Matlab FAQ to find the license information.  
Sep 3, 2011
Matlab is functioning properly as I am able to run scripts and use all of the other Matlab commands.