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This project is intended to be a quick to use open source task manager designed to record time spent on projects or tasks. Users can choose to create either a day, week or month view of the records.
A short tutorial is included and there is also a full product documentation.
Users can also extend the project by adding other functionality.
Support email is available from time to time, and it comes with a 30 days guarantee period.
This project uses a MIT License.
The project credits go to the following sites:
Supporting links:
Source code:
Source code on GitHub:
Released under the MIT license.Q:

How to run a bit of Javascript in an onmouseover event for a selected image?

This is the working js code with links to other pages and I am trying to add something else to only the images that have been clicked on.


Try this.
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Timetracker Crack + License Code & Keygen Download

This is a very simple.NET 2.0 Windows Forms application that enables you to track time spend on projects.
Timetracker Crack Mac includes the following application features:
– Reports. Generate a daily, weekly or monthly report.
– Timetracker includes a taskbar icon. Just click on it to start or end tracking your projects and tasks.

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Timetracker Activator [Mac/Win]

The Time Tracker is an ASP.NET Web Application Development Tool.
Why Time Tracker ASP.NET?
Why Time Tracker?
I choose Time Tracker because of its free, open source, cross platform. It is a lot faster than other projects I tried. Its UI is very simple and friendly.
What you get with Time Tracker
You will be able to track time on tasks and projects with the timeline.
You will get a detailed project and task report by months, weekly or daily.
You will be able to export the time report as PDF.
Powerful Features
Time Tracker is a very powerful piece of software. It has many useful features like stopwatch, timer and notepad. Timetracker is a great tool for team management, project management and to generate time report in an easy way. You will be able to schedule your time, generate reports and you will be able to export the time report as PDF.
WebSite Features:
■ Time Tracker is web application. You will be able to use the Timetracker on any device, be it mobile or desktop.
■ Web Application Development Tool. It is an open source application and you can edit it as you want.
■ The focus on usability and simplicity.
■ Very simple interface and user experience.
■ Version Control System and issue tracking features.
■ You can add web hooks to extend Time Tracker functionality.
■ It is Open Source. It is easy to change the code as you want.
Time Tracker is free. You can download the source code and use it as you want. You are only responsible for your use of the time tracker.


Time Tracker from Vtech is a good open source alternative.

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What’s New in the?

Timetracker is a handy application that allows you to easily and quickly record the time you spend on projects and tasks.

First, it will ask for your email address. This will allow you to track your time. Second, it will track the time based on your current computer.

You do not need to have all of the default options checked. And you do not need to have a Microsoft SQL server installed. Timetracker has the ability to generate daily, weekly and monthly reports.

What’s new in this version:

Jan 2013, Version 1.0 :
– Bug fixed:
– Could not generate reports.
– Time zone Bug:
– When New-TimeTracking Session is started in a different time zone. Timetracker will create the correct time zone, but Timetracker will not use time zone correctly. Result : Timetracker will show the wrong time.
– Time zone Bug:
– When TimeTracking Session is started in a different time zone. The App will show you the wrong time.
– The App could not start the time tracking session because of the above mentioned error.

Jan 2013, Version 1.0.1 :
– Bug fixed:
– Timetracker should show correct time zone.

Dec 2013, Version 1.0.2 :
– Bug fixed:

We have added a new feature called “Timetracker Environment Settings”. When Timetracker is installed by a new user. The settings page should automatically open after startup. This page will show the user different options. See screenshot.

You can also access this screen via Timetracker – Tools – Environment – Settings.

Oct 2013, Version 1.0.3 :

– Bug fixed:
– The app should not crash when changing settings, pressing “Save and Close” or open another document.
– The time tracking should not start automatically after closing the app.

Jan 2013, Version 1.1 :

– Bug fixed:
– Fixed issue, if the Timetracker app was closed after starting the time tracking session.

System Requirements For Timetracker:

Supported Video Cards
Major Features
Revised UI Design
Key Features:
No Load Racing
Major In-game Features:
The Original and New Drag Mode
Game Modes:
Race, Time Trial, and Knockout
Online Features:
Key Game Modes:
Race against other users over 1 race to the finish line
Knock out other users to win the round