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…Account Number:
…Expiry Month:
…Expiry Year:
…Card Type:
…Card Number:
…Verification Data:
This is a demo version. Other more features are available from the library section of this website.

Premium BankCard – BankCard/Interac

BankCard – PassWorld

BankCard – BankCard

BankCard – Interac/BankCard

Version 0.4.0


This is a passbank card only for testing purposes. Written in.NET 4.0.

BankCard is a security testing tool for Passport2.0 use. The tool has a very low memory footprint and might work on all PC’s with 4 GB of RAM or more (at least for 64bit PCs). The tool has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 and seems to work fine on all PCs with XP.

BankCard requires no installation. All files and the necessary software are in the download which is about 1.3 mb. Just unpack and run it.

The files included are:



For this version only for testing Passport2.0 use, the files included are:







All changes to BankCard are done using.txt files, placed in the script folder.

BankCard Scripts:

BankCard – Dump 0.1.0

This script reads out all the fields that are part of the BankCard profile (separated by semi colon).

BankCard – Dump 1.0.0

This script reads out all the fields that are part of the BankCard profile (separated by semi colon).

BankCard – FieldBuilder 0.1.0

This script reads out all the fields that are part of the BankCard profile (separated by semi colon).

BankCard – FieldBuilder 1.0.0

This script reads out all the fields that are part of the BankCard profile (separated by semi colon).

BankCard – Lengths

BankLab Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime) (Latest)

BankLab Torrent Download is a payment card database designed to help merchants detect fraud attempts. With the help of this application, users can check the validity of credit card numbers against the Mod10 algorithm. Users can also check the BIN and insert comments in the fields. Notes and bookmarking options are also available.

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BankLab X64 [April-2022]

With BankLab, you can safely check credit card numbers for validity against the MOD10 algorithm. This ensures that the information provided to you by your bank matches the card you are charged.
• BankLab is a simple and quick way to check the validity of credit card numbers.
• You can enter multiple credit card numbers and checks easily through the BankLab main window.
• BankLab is the ideal tool for people working in the IT industry as well as students who are looking for a simple way of checking credit card numbers.
• BankLab supports PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PNG graphics file formats.
• BankLab comes with a MOD10 / Luhn algorithm generator.
• BankLab also makes it easy to update BIN information.
• Individual notes and bookmarking options for each entry are also available.

XYZ Bank is a powerful and affordable prepaid and checking debit/savings card. With XYZ Bank, you can earn interest on your balances and get instant access to your money. XYZ Bank can help you keep track of all of your financial transactions and help you monitor spending.
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XYZ Bank is a simple prepaid or checking debit/savings card that can be used anywhere debit cards are accepted. With XYZ Bank, you can:
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• XYZ Bank makes it easy for you to set up a simple account.

FeeCheckCard is a banking payment application designed to make it possible for individuals to quickly and easily transfer money to and from their bank account. With FeeCheckCard, you can make transfers directly from your bank account to your mobile device, check your account balance, transfer to another person’s account and get the latest news about your account. And if you have an online banking account, FeeCheckCard can also send your balance and account info to a web page.
FeeCheckCard Description:
When you’re online banking, transfer money from your account to other people’s accounts. When you want to transfer a money from your account to your friend’s bank account, simply use FeeCheckCard’s unique QR Code Barcode Scanner to transfer money directly from your bank account to her mobile phone.
• You can transfer from your bank to any of your friends’ bank.
• The mobile application allows you to transfer money from your mobile device to the main payment bank

What’s New In BankLab?

App works only on the Android platform, works with the SIM cards from different banks and allows to synchronize between the devices (we have a web site, so that you can use on different devices).
The structure of data is in accordance with the ISO-7813 standard, which was developed by the VISA and MasterCard countries, but applied for the processing of all kinds of credit and debit cards (depending on the card brand) (AC, V, AV, P, D, C).
BankLab Features:
Exported data from SIM card and supporting Bank FIPS Module;
Support for all the phone numbers (mobiliar, internet, operator);
Currency can be defined on the SIM card, so that the invoice will be always localized in the same currency;
BIN number is only the first 3 symbols of the card (independent from the brand of the SIM card);
BankLab FAQ:
How to convert card number data to MOD?
How to generate MOD number?
How to update Bank FIPS Module
How to fix mod 10 issue?
Is there BankLab for PC?

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System Requirements:

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