Crochetter is designed to be a simple and accessible instrument that allows you to draw crochet schemes.
Now you can use this handy tool to create new crochet designs in no time at all.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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MyCar-Monitor is a fleet management software application that monitors cars, drivers and vehicles. It is a cloud-based business tool that keeps all sales information, issues reports and can even place orders. It also provides alerts via phone and SMS. The product can manage the inventory of all vehicles in a business. It can track all vehicles, drivers and customers with the built-in GPS device and the comprehensive database can run reports, generate invoices and place orders.

Windows Registry is a file used to store configuration settings in Windows computers. RegEdit is a program that can be used to change the settings of the Windows Registry. Windows Registry also helps in the installation of software, updating the software installed on your system and much more.
An overview
The Windows Registry is a file that contains information related to your Windows operating system. Due to the constant evolution of Windows, the Registry constantly receives changes and updates. These updates and changes in the Registry affect each and every Windows program that is installed on your computer, which is why it is so important for you to keep your Registry clean and well maintained.
RegEdit is a Windows Registry editor that lets you manage the Windows Registry, which includes managing the current files and deleting them if they do not contain any useful information.

Program Overview
It can be installed on computers with the Windows Vista operating system or higher. It is also available for people who want to use the RegistryEditor program for the first time. It is also designed to work in the Windows Explorer file manager.
Overview of the Application
The RegistryEditor program is a Windows Explorer file manager, in other words, it is designed to manage the files in the Windows Explorer folder. It provides an interface to create, modify, delete, reorganize and open any files in the Windows Registry. It does not require any particular operating system.

AutoTRASH is an application that lets you manage your e-mail on your computer, or even take control of your e-mails from any Web browser. As the name suggests, it is an application designed to aid you manage those mails you retrieve in your regular mailbox, and make sure that they are displayed and manipulated on the computer.
You can simply do a lot of things with AutoTRASH, such as read your messages, mark the ones that you want to do a particular thing to, reply to them or even create new ones. It will help you organize your e-mails.
Installation of the program
The AutoTRASH software can be downloaded from

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The Windows store contains a ton of apps, games and other fun stuff for your Windows. Whether you’re into fun games, educational apps, useful utilities, or killer productivity apps, the Windows store has it all. The Windows store includes apps from all of the major software and app publishers, such as: Microsoft, Adobe, Disney, SEGA, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and even Google.
Try it out:
What’s in the Windows Store?
Desktop Bridge – Provides the ability

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Bing is Microsoft’s search engine that is used by Internet Explorer to find sites on the web. It is quite user-friendly and delivers relevant results quickly.
The webmaster may use it for finding search engines, even though Microsoft is not the one that does the actual searching.
The main part of this application is a specific set of search tools for the Bing search engine. If you find yourself using Bing regularly, it is definitely worth your time to install this application on your smartphone.

Offline Wikipedia Client for Windows Phone 7 lets you use Wikipedia offline. Its main functionality is to allow you to view the online version of Wikipedia pages, which you can download to your device.
This application also has a small calendar and a chat client for those times when you are unavailable for the Internet.

Scan Error Fixer is an efficient and powerful scanner error fixer and repair software that makes the potential of your scanner to do well, i.e., to scan everything clearly and without complaints. This is a program for scanning and correcting and cleaning scanned images, such as a scanned picture, scanned book, scanned graphics, and even scanned photographs.
Scan Error Fixer is absolutely free to use, and its latest version allows you to perform a batch scan instead of scanning one at a time. Besides, it is easy to install, easy to use, and extremely affordable.
The program allows you to scan images and photos, convert scanned files to digital images, and export scanned files to most of image formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS, PDf, and Tga. In addition, you can fine-tune a scanned image, resize an image, and rotate an image.
Scan Error Fixer can perform a batch scan, and it allows you to save a configuration for the next scan. You can enhance a scanned image by sharpening the edge, noise reduction, and removing blemishes and scratches. It supports JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, and EPS images.
System Requirements:
You do not need to install Scan Error Fixer to use it. Once installed, you can use this software with no need for further installation. You can install and use Scan Error Fixer on any Windows system – including Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
Some of its features and additional benefits include:
* Noticeably improved scanning

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Bing Search Description:

Bing Desktop (Visual Basic 6) Visual Basic 6 is the world’s most popular application programming language. It is cross-platform and has excellent support for Internet, XML, Services, ADO, IndexedDB, WebSockets, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript (JavaScriptCore), multimedia, web (HTTP), ETSI SMS/MMS, microformats and file upload. With VB6, users can easily develop their own programs and web apps that work everywhere.
User Interface Library Simplifies the development of

Bing Desktop (Visual Basic 6) is a Visual Basic 6 based software that allows you to search the web and display the results. BSD is designed to help you find information on a wide variety of topics, including business, government, education, travel, sports, health and more.
Bing Desktop simplifies the search for information on the web. It is ideal for user’s who can’t be bothered to learn a full programming language like Visual Basic 6, C# or Java. Once you’ve installed the BSD, all you need to search for is the information you are looking for, without having to learn a programming language. BSD is also suitable for those who are familiar with programming but can’t be bothered to learn another language.
Bing Desktop search everything from websites and newsgroups to bookmarks, pictures, shopping sites and videos.
Bing Desktop supports Google powered search results, but can also search sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon and Metacafe.
Bing Desktop search over 20 top-ranked search engines.
Bing Desktop can generate results from:
* images
* videos
* newsgroups
* emails
* chat rooms
* PMs
Bing Desktop is a web search tool. It won’t work with the following sources:

You can create new account. Activate Admin rights. You should read the license carefully.

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OS: Windows 7
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OS: Windows