Playing an innocent prank on someone should not be restricted to April Fools’ day. A good laugh is always a nice way to lift your spirits as well as the victim’s.
Initial preparation
CrazyPC Server is designed to work in conjunction with an iPhone that runs a similar app in order to bridge the connection between the two devices. Basically, the app controls several actions on the Windows computer through the local network.
The server is installed on the PC and the entire operation does not take too much to complete. All you have to do is go through the routine and follow the instructions on the screen.
Brief and simple configuration
The configuration options for the server are simple and the most important ones refer to the connection between the two devices. You get to define the port that should be used for the communication and a password to make sure that the prank cannot be performed by anyone else.
Additional possibilities include defining the location for a picture that would pop up on the screen when activated from the iPhone app and setting a transparency level.
Playing the prank
The installation of the server includes several audio files and a couple of images, which are activated remotely, from the iPhone app, for the purpose of the prank. You can easily replace them with other items as long as the original names are not modified.
Once the connection is established you can start toying with the victim by increasing or decreasing the computer volume, initiating the computer shutdown procedure or closing the currently active window.
The server runs in the background and there is no trace of it from the desktop. A quick look in the list of running processes reveals its presence, though.
CrazyPC Server may be a cool way to play an innocent joke especially on a user with less computer knowledge. It is easy to configure and it should work in any LAN environment.







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CrazyPC Server can control any remote computer in a LAN using iPhone.
CrazyPC Server Tutorial:
CrazyPC Server Support:
CrazyPC Server Compatibility:
CrazyPC Server is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows operating system, including Windows 10 and Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista.
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Which one of those sounds more like you?

Dymaic: a totally random appearance
CrazyPCServer: a remote control program.
Dymaic: a totally random appearance. CrazyPCServer: a remote control program.
A little bit like Usain Bolt and the opening of a suitcase, it will all be revealed to you in time. When you hear the sound of a timer ticking, it’s time to take a seat. Wait for a moments. From time to time, you can hear the sound of a toilet flushing nearby. It’s time to go.


This is a useful idea, but it is not well developed.

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This is a useful idea, but it is not well developed.

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Al Datsun

more than a month ago

I tried the server on my windows 10 machine, and it is great!

Lance Boston

more than a month ago


I’m not a super user of the phone, so it took me a long time to figure out how the server was supposed to work, but eventually it dawned on me, and now this is what I do:

I plug in the phone to my laptop, then open the server.exe program, and it runs on my phone.

One, I can watch the list of ip addresses as it is mapped to phone addresses.

Two, I can then open my phone’s browser, go to my desktop’s ip address/port, then type some simple stuff on my desktop to switch from my laptop to desktop to phone

CrazyPC Server Crack

CrazyPC Server Free Download is a utility for fooling someone using an iPhone or iPod Touch. It has several prank modes, including power down and shutdown the computer.
CrazyPC Server does not require any installation. You can simply download the Server.application file, which is available from the Site section at and run it. You can run it right after the download, or save it to your desktop.
CrazyPC Server Screenshots:

A couple of days ago we stumbled upon a new iPhone jailbreak tweak called “CrazyCaller”. With a name like “CrazyCaller” you would think that it’s doing something crazy and that’s exactly what it does. The new Jailbreak tweak acts a lot like the “SnapCall” tweak but has more features and is also compatible with Cydia.

CrazyCaller is a new tweak that is designed to enable users to make free VoIP calls. The user has to setup the server in a local network before being able to make calls via the local network. Users can contact a person using specific filters. You can also disable the filter, which is the same way it works in the “SnapCall” tweak.

CrazyCaller has been upgraded to version 1.0.6 recently with more features and bug fixes. This has been the first jailbreak tweak to enable ad-hoc calling in addition to the regular method. So, now you can make free VoIP calls from your iPhone to any phone number.

This tweak also allows the user to contact a certain contact by name in addition to using the specific filters. And the good news is that now the filter is disabled, so you can’t be tricked any more.

CrazyCaller is compatible with iOS 3.1 and 4.0

Here is the latest description from the developer:

CrazyCaller v1.0.6
Full support for iOS4.

Make free VoIP calls from your iPhone to any phone number

CrazyCaller includes full support for iOS4. CrazyCaller uses your iPhone’s cellular network, which means that you can use it even when your phone’s battery is low. In fact, CrazyCaller is more efficient than regular VoIP apps, because it uses very little battery power when you are not making a call.

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A computer/network game played in realtime that simulates an amusement park, ala Bugs Bunny.

Creating and setting up your own Steambased computer network is relatively easy, however there are many people out there who do not understand how it works, and setting it up for their friends is not simple either. This guide will help you to set up your own Steam-based computer network, without the need of a server.
This guide is based on Linux, however the same steps can be used with Windows and Mac (Bare in mind that Mac computers require additional steps, like OS X Server.
Creating a steam login on your computer
For this, open your Steam client and go to the Account Menu. There you will find the ‘Add Friends’ window. Open it and select ‘Sign In with Steam’. You will be asked to provide a user name and a password, and you will create a Steam login for your friends.
To make these friends connect to your computer, you have to make sure your friends are added to the same Steam group as you. The easiest way to do this is to create a group on your computer, and add your friends as members of the group. Make sure the group contains both yourself and the people you want to share your system with. When you log in to Steam on your own computer, you will be automatically made the master.
Setting up your network
You now need to login to your friend’s computers. Some of your friends may have a Steam account while others may need to sign up for Steam. You can allow them to sign up for Steam if it is required, so that they can use the Steam interface.
Once logged in to a friend’s computer, you need to launch Steam and login to Steam. This is not a complicated step, but just in case you are unsure of what to do, here’s what you need to do:
1- If you have a Linux client, go to your Steam folder, open client.cfg.ex and add’’ to the url to points to (this is the website that you’ll log into, for example,
2- In Steam, go to Friends.
3- At the Friends screen, click on the ‘Buddy list’ icon.
4- You can now see your friends list, and a few of them are in the same network as you. Click on them

What’s New in the?

CrazyPC Server is a PC version of the iOS App CrazyPC Server Pro, which enables the prankster to run the computer on the iPhone/iPod Touch and to play sound on it. This way, the computer is on even when the phone is locked and is using the iOS services.
Features include:
Hijack the screen and place a picture on it
Show the computer shutdown signal
Play the game installed on the phone
Paint marks on the screen
Trigger the sound
Back up/restore the current session
Configure the server to any server or PC
Get and send files over a network
Take screenshots
Remote configuration through HTTP-Backing
Support iOS 5, 4S, 3GS, 2GS
How to install:
1. Download CrazyPC Server.EXE file from website and extract it (maybe you need do this, because the archive format is EXE and you can not extract it from the archive)
2. Double click the CrazyPC Server icon on desktop and follow the installation wizard. It’s ok if you do not see the progress bar. Just click Next and Finish to complete the installation.
3. Connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to the computer. You’ll see a new network interface with the name “AppleMobileDevice”.
4. Go to your iPhone/iPod touch, select Settings, then General, then Click On Reset.
5. After your iPhone/iPod touch has reboot, it will go to The Apple Logo.
6. Scroll up and click the little wheel in the top right corner. Click On Wi-Fi.
7. Connect your iPhone/iPod touch to Wi-Fi. Your iPhone/iPod touch will display a green status bar.
8. Launch CrazyPC Server and play any sound or video you want from your iPhone/iPod touch.
9. Connect your iPhone/iPod touch to the CrazyPC Server PC. You’ll see a new network interface.
10. If the iPhone/iPod touch is connected to the CrazyPC Server PC at the same time the CrazyPC Server is running. The iPhone/iPod touch will display a green status bar.
11. Now open the CrazyPC Server Pro app and locate the CrazyPC Server icon. Click on it and follow the prompts to let the crazyPC server control the computer.
12. If you open the CrazyPC Server Pro app before the CrazyPC Server is running, then CrazyPC Server Pro will

System Requirements For CrazyPC Server:

Note: To play this mission online, you need to download and install the newest version of Atomic Bomberman.
If you are playing the mission online, please download and install the newest version of Atomic Bomberman.
Here are the setup instructions for the Atomic Bomberman.
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