Crown Pc Suite bundles a generous collection of utilities designed to clean up your computer, as well as to guard it against virus threats.
The list of apps included inside the software consists of:
· A Windows repair module
· A PC cleaner
· A process manager
· A malware cleaner
· A virus removal tool
· Identity system protection
· A system vaccination module
· A startup manager







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Cracked Crown Pc Suite With Keygen is designed to protect your PC against viruses, hacker attacks and unwanted software.
It also features many useful utilities that are meant to give your PC the appearance of a high-performance PC.
Crown Pc Suite Serial Key features include:
· Automatic removal of hidden programs
· Automatic optimisation of PC registry files
· Safe boot protection
· Real-time protection against malware and viruses
· A stability monitor
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Managing the use of your computer efficiently with the software called Crown PC Suite.
This software is your best source to get the most out of your PC, before it becomes clogged or even damaged.
The software is designed for both PCs and Macs running the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
The software is also available as a portable app for use on the mobile devices of other operating systems.
A basic version of the software is also available to free download.
Crown PC Suite Applications:
This software includes many different features such as:
· A startup manager
· A system vaccination module
· A memory optimisation
· Automatic removal of viruses
· A system optimisation
· Protection from security threats
· A personal firewall
· A stability monitor
· A virus, adware and spyware cleaner
· System optimisation
· A battery saver
· Reclaims hard disk space
· A system optimisation module
· Provides fast virus scanning
· Efficient cleanup
· A process manager
· A basic Windows cleaner

The package installs all of the applications in one, so there is no need to install them one at a time.
Let’s start to look at our first program that we can install. Let’s go ahead and click on that “Startup Manager” on top.
You can also download Office 2007 for $70 and now we’re going to select “Windows Virus Cleaner”.
Let’s download that. This software will help us to identify, and remove spyware and viruses from your PC.
Let’s go ahead and click on “Download Windows Virus Cleaner”.
You’ll need to download it from the Outlook Downloads page on Microsoft’s website.
In this video tutorial, we’ll discuss how to remove adware with the software called “Spyware HelpDesk”.
One of the things you’ll want to know is how many hours it will take your computer to complete these tasks.
For the basic version of this software, it will take 1

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The PC Cleaner utility within Crown Pc Suite ensures that your computer is always in ideal condition. Crown Pc Suite has the ability to clean out hardware and software…

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Crown Pc Suite – Features

Crown Pc Suite licenses:

$100.00 for a single user

Crown Pc Suite size:

7,144,883 bytes

Crown Pc Suite version:


Crown Pc Suite developer:

Crown Corporation

Crown Pc Suite operating systems supported:

Windows 9.0; Windows 8.1; Windows 8.0; Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP

Is Crown Pc Suite safe for work?

“Crown Pc Suite has an exceptionally clean set of tools. It is simple to use but it does a very good job, and it makes this laptop a pleasure to use. The freeware version is enough for me, as long as it supports 16 bits versions of Microsoft Windows. It’s easily the best all-round freeware software I’ve come across.” –Tilman Fliegenträger, Anonymized User, Aug 26, 2013Q:

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1. Windows PC Cleaner
Crown PC Suite provides you with an internal Windows cleaning module. The module includes cleaning tasks such as fixing broken registry, uninstalling unnecessary programs, as well as cleaning the system of obsolete files.
2. The Process Manager
Crown PC Suite offers you an extensive process manager that lets you view and terminate processes by name, application, or by PID. The utility also allows you to stop a process in an easy-to-use interface, even if it is currently executing.
3. System Cleaner
Crown PC Suite’s system cleaner will remove system-related items such as temporary files, the Windows Indexing System, and the Windows Search index. The function will wipe out unnecessary Internet Explorer favorites, temporary files, Windows desktop search history, and Windows desktop search index. Moreover, the utility also lets you clean registry, startup items, and Favorites folders.
4. Viruses Cleaner
Get rid of adware, spyware, and viruses on your computer using Crown PC Suite’s virus cleaner. The utility will scan your computer for viruses, adware, and spyware which might be hiding in files, folders, as well as on your computer. The utility will remove these threats along with applying security fixes.
5. Identity Manager
Crown PC Suite’s identity manager will allow you to protect your PC from malicious users. This feature will help you to block access to your PC and prevent any unauthorized attempts to use the system or resources. In addition to these security measures, the utility allows you to apply special user privileges to your PC, such as enabling “Administrator” access and hiding files.
6. Startup Manager
Let Crown PC Suite manage your startup, or disable the startup of some applications, with one simple click. This function will run in the background to prevent you from having to manually open and close your applications. Using this utility you will be able to start applications at system start or the Windows login screen, according to your preferences.
What is New in Version 1.0.0:
– Added the Identity Manager Module
– Improved the Startup Manager
– Added the Process Manager Module
– Added the Scheduler Module
– Added the Online Scanner Module
– Improved the Download Module
– Added the Windows Notifier Module
– Improved the Disk Space Waster Module
What is New in Version 1.0.0 Beta:
– Added the Process Manager Module
– Added the Scheduler Module
– Added the Online Scanner Module

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