Using your computer for photo processing or creating digital works of art sooner or later requires you to install an image editing application. InstantCut is a lightweight utility in which you can import pictures and, as the name suggests, cut out elements you might need for projects.
As straightforward as can get
Launching the application brings up the workspace. Most of it represents the place where imported images undergo the process of being cut. Available options are found in an upper toolbar, which you can choose to hide, for whatever the reason. You are limited to cutting and saving to file.
A Few options to work with
Even though it is designed to be quick, some helpful functions have been left behind. Unfortunately, the only way to import a picture and start chopping is through the file menu, with no support for drag and drop.
The “Smart Select” option is the only available tool, and can sometimes be difficult to use. No geometrical shapes or custom areas can be used for selection, and the provided option tries to be as helpful as possible, but this attempt make the result flawed.
When you manage to get the desired area from an image, you can preview only the selection, or invert, in case you need both parts in any particular project. Saving it to a file is the only way you can export it, with no possibility to select the desired area and simply copying it to a different image processing utility.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that InstantCut only deserves its name because of the limited options to work with. In spite that it's easy to use, the only provided tool becomes slightly difficult for precise cutting.







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InstantCut is a small, yet handy image and video editing software that lets you edit your photos and videos. It includes all the features to capture, cut, crop, resize, rotate, flip, posterize, format, add text and watermark, restore and convert, make adjustment to the tone of an image, remove background, and much more.
One-Click Crop & Resize
You can use it to crop, scale or rotate any kind of picture or image. You can even create a custom shape to crop your photo or video at hand. Crop image in just seconds.
Instantly enhance & Colorize photos
InstantCut offers colorize, posterize, saturation, sharpening, brightness, contrast, color correction, and color balance tools to instantly enhance photos.
Quick & Easy Crop, Rotate & Resize
Cut the unwanted portions of your photo with just a few mouse clicks. InstantCut includes Image Crop that make it easy to crop photos, videos or even PDF. Instantly change the image’s size and rotate your picture. You can even add text to your photo.
Remove Background and Effect
Remove the background, wipe out objects and add text with ease. InstantCut allows you to use special color effects like blur, emboss, sketch, effect and emboss.
Make Text and Picture Adjustments
InstantCut includes filters and special effects that can be applied to your picture to make it look better, such as image de-noise, distort, mist, emboss, geometric, sepia, blur, sketch, flip.
Create Image Transitions
InstantCut is very easy to use and it does not require any skills. No matter which kind of photo manipulation you want to perform – InstantCut does it all. Edit, crop, resize, rotate, format, watermark and flip your pictures or create a new one. Use any combination of functions to create image transitions in the blink of an eye. You can even add a text to your image!
Professional image & video editing features
InstantCut includes all the features that you might need to make your image editing experience more productive. InstantCut offers a bunch of photo editing functions that will allow you to easily crop photos, resize, apply special effects, blend images and add text to your image.
For more information, please read the help file or check the manual of the corresponding software.
Video Editing Features:
InstantCut supports all kinds of videos – from amateur videos to professional productions. Here you have

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100% Software! Instantly resize your images, cut out areas or even add background color to them. InstantCut Cracked Accounts is a simple but useful software to quickly crop and edit your photos in no time. Unlike other similar software, InstantCut Crack For Windows also comes with a lots of advanced functions and abilities to make your work more effective.
Instantly resize and crop your photos with just one click. Instantly resize your photos, cut out area of your choice or even add background color to your pictures. Now InstantlyCut is ready to cut and save images anywhere in just one click.
Easy-to-use design with lots of features
Just like the name says, InstantlyCut is a 100% free software that enables you to instantly resize and crop your images, cut out the part you like and color your images as well! You can even add a background to your images and customize the newly created image even further. InstantlyCut is a simple yet powerful image editing software.
1. Instant resize your images with just one click
2. Easily crop the parts you want to use
3. Crop out the area and add a background color with just one click
4. Choose the advanced features and modify the photos with just one click
5. Easily change the brightness, contrast and saturation for your images
6. Add text on your images and more!
How to use InstantlyCut
Start InstantlyCut by clicking on the “Edit Images” icon. Then you can import images and select either the crop, resize or remove section of the image.
Now you can choose either to select an area by free hand or simply click on the area where you need to start editing. InstantlyCut will begin working on your image. Just press the “OK” button when you are done.
Speed a powerful tool
InstantlyCut has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can resize your images, crop the part you need to cut out, color your images and add a background to your images. You can also use advanced options like brightness, contrast and saturation.
Are you tired of spending your time to get a different image editing tool to achieve similar effects? Worry no longer! With InstantlyCut you can achieve all the features of an image editor in just one software.

Iam Using Win 7 and All my systems are 32 bit except one that is 64 bit. What about your systems?

Anybody else having the problem of exporting very low quality rather than

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iDAVdroid is a new iDevice app that lets you attach and stream audio from your iTunes Library to any of the major online streaming services. You can also transfer files between your iPhone and your iTunes Library. iDAVdroid is a handy utility that can help you sync audio and files across platforms, especially if you have an iTunes Library that is very big in size. iDAVdroid supports all the major streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music. Additionally, you can add additional sources to this app like YouTube, YouTube Music, Facebook, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn. From offering easy streaming to adding new options, the app does all of this.
Stream Music
iDAVdroid lets you stream iTunes music from your iOS device to any online streaming service. Once you download and install the app, it starts working immediately. After you connect your device to iTunes, the app will detect the song and add it to the “My Music” list for you. Then, you can either tap on that particular song to stream, or share it to other apps. It can also provide you with the option to save the audio stream in your app. What’s cool about this feature is that you will also be able to play your saved song whenever you open the app. If you want to add your own custom genres to the iTunes Library, you can do it in the app itself.
Transfer Files
In addition to streaming iTunes audio, you can also import files from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in to your iTunes Library. You can do this by selecting the “Add File to iTunes” option from within the app. Once you select a file from your iPhone, the app will detect it and you can tap on “Open iTunes” to save the file in your iTunes Library. When you do so, all the music information about that file is embedded in the track listing. All you need to do now is to make use of the sharing option from within iDAVdroid to broadcast the audio to any online streaming service.
Additional Features:
iDAVdroid supports all the major streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music. Additionally, you can add additional sources to this app like YouTube, YouTube Music, Facebook, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn. From offering easy streaming to adding new options, the app does all of this.
iDAVdroid can also let you share your library to other iOS

What’s New in the?

Price: Free

Allows: Screen capture, simple editing

Pros: Easy to use, limited options

Cons: Easy to use, limited options

8. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a quick and easy tool to edit and share photos and videos. You can use this application to modify your images through a quick way. This tool features tools to retouch, add effects, cut images, crop and much more.
The interface of this tool is similar to Instagram, in the way it allows to choose the desired tools, has a toolbar for it and a preview area.

The tools are packed in categories like: Layout, Adjust, Style, Edit, Workflow, Portfolio and Save. The Retouch tools allow you to apply various effects, filters, retouch and much more. The Adjust tools are the most important, because they include the three tool box that allows you to create a variety of effects, like brightness and contrast.
The Style tools allow you to change your photos look and make simple retouches, like cropping or resizing. The Edit tools allow you to crop, rotate, colorize, add text and overlay layers and much more.
The Workflow tools allow you to add text, borders and frames. The Portfolio tools can be used for sharing.

The features of Photoshop Express are:

• Filters

Retouch: An Ethereal, Moon Night, Daily Filter.

Style: An Instagram-inspired look.

Beautify: Reduce unwanted blemishes, spots, and scratches.

Smart Remove Red Eye: A filter that uses eye detection to make red eyes less noticeable.

Adjust: Brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure adjustments.

Adjust: Shadow, Highlight, and Color Correction tools.

Edit: Crop, Rotate, Resize, Rescan.

Layout: Layout a single photo or multiple photos into vertical or horizontal images.

Brightness/Contrast: Brightness and contrast can be adjusted so images are lighter or darker.

Edge Color: The gray edge of the photo can be highlighted.

Split Tiles: Any video can be split into a grid of images.

Advanced Filters: Over 100 custom styles for enhancing the tone and color of your photos.

Effects: Use these on any photo, or layer to create effects such as tilt-shift, partial blurring, zoom-in or light leaks

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 or better, AMD R9 280 or better
Disk Space: 7 GB available space
Internet Connectivity: Broadband Internet connection
As a side note, the game is looking to be very localized. It has not yet been ported to support any language but English, so once it does, it should be playable in your language.
Now, the game is still in Early Access, so it is possible that bugs may be present. We