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**Camera Raw**

The Camera Raw module brings a familiar look and feel to the workspace. Figure 12.3 shows the Camera Raw workspace.

**Figure 12.3** : The Camera Raw workspace in Elements 9.

**Settings Recommendation:** If you plan to work with Camera Raw frequently, consider purchasing the free version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for Windows 7 and

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 17

In this guide, you’ll learn to use the Canvas tool to import images from a folder or web browser. You’ll learn how to edit images using the tools in Photoshop and choose the best settings for the images you’re working on.

After you have finished editing an image, you can save it into JPEG or PNG format so that it can be viewed on a computer, smartphone or other device.

You’ll also learn how to create high-resolution versions of the images you’re working on. This is another way to share them with friends, family or colleagues.

How to Import Images in Photoshop Elements

You’ll learn how to use the latest version of Photoshop Elements — which is called Photoshop Elements 2018. If you don’t own Photoshop Elements, you can download it for free from here.

Scroll down to the last photo and click on it to open it in the Editor workspace.

The screen should look like this:

Click and drag to select an area of the photo you want to use. If your photo has a transparent background, you’ll need to make a selection that includes the whole image.

Now you can press Ctrl + Alt + Ctrl + I. This shortcut will show you a menu of important Tools you’ll use throughout this guide.

This is my custom keyboard shortcut for Tools > Selection > Expand. In the example photo below, I’ve selected the top half of the photo.

Next, press Ctrl + T to bring up the Options dialog.

In this dialog, you’ll find many useful options to help you work with photos.

For example, you’ll find:

The Size and Scale buttons. The Size button scales a selected area of the photo to fit the specified number of pixels. The Scale button scales the photo so that it uses the same number of pixels as the specified number of pixels in the Size button. It’s useful if you want the top half of the photo to be the same size as the bottom half.

(The Size and Scale buttons have similar features but the names are different.)

The Resample Image button. This resizes the photo to make it fit the specified number of pixels horizontally and vertically. In the example photo, the top half is 400 pixels wide and the bottom half is 90 pixels tall.

(The Resample Image button

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 17 Crack +

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Minimum system specifications for installing PlanetSide 2:
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Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
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Disc Drive: DVD drive
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In-game requirements: